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11 Days - [Day 4] - Entry 1

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I have decided on a working title name of Frontier, I'm sure this will change at some point but i relate better to things with actual names so for now this'll do.

Finished the basic camera movements last night and got started on the character class, things are progressing smoothly now. I'm using iTween as my camera movement library, i used this extensively back when i was doing some AS3 programming and it's still just as awesome.

The planned sessions are still on for today but I've yet to see any great benefits from a tiredness or code quality point of view.
I created a high level to-do list in Wunderlist(great app btw) and am working through the items on there.
The design has small things, that i have already worked through but other than that it's been next to useless as the changes I've made once i got down to coding have rendered it so.

Not sure if this is because of my lack of skill in designing or because of the rapid changing nature of prototyping.
On the menu today is:
- Double check camera controls
- Character Classes
- Map Controls [Moving a cursor around the map and highlighting squares]
- NPC's

I'm getting into the groove of things now so there should be a few more screenshots by the end of the day.
Anyone know of any places that do small free models for me to test out my map system with actual tiles?
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Models a surprisingly hard to find in my experience. It's not that you can't find any, it's that they never seem to fit your project very well.

It's probably better to just use some coloured cubes as placeholders for now and think about artwork later.

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