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11 Days - [Day 4] - End

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Today is going great so far, i seem to be much more motivated at night, not sure of the reason but that's 2 days in a row no I've got more work done at night. Perhaps it's the quiet.

Finished the camera controls complete with rotation of map and different camera heights, this is now linked to the keyboard so it works in-game.
Also been working on the in game tile selection controls, they are working now and i can move between tiles using the wasd keys. This also compensates(changes) when the rotation of the map is adjusted.

Each time the map is rotated a value designating the forward direction is changed accordingly; the tile selection movement is based on this value, so you will always move forward in the same direction relative to where the camera is.
This also works no matter the size of the loaded map.

Surprisingly it took about an hour to implement and worked first time, love when that happens.

One thing i have noticed is that it's getting easier to ignore the usual stringent naming/structuring i normally have around my code; this is increasing output substantially.
However that is not to say i wont' go back and neaten it all up...because i will...i need to, but for the moment i can ignore it in the name of progress.

Also finished the character class and some simple models for the characters, need to implement character/npc path designation before i can do anything with it though.
As you would imagine, NPC's and player/NPC path finding are up next, once they are working i can get some simple interaction working.

Updated the textures of the test tiles to see how it would look...still looks terrible, albeit slightly less terrible.
More screenshots tomorrow.

Sessions are a bust, i put this down to the interference of rest of my life; it's intensely difficult to schedule any sort of blocks of time on a regular basis. Perhaps if it was full time office hours those sessions would be of much more use, but so far all its done is make things more difficult.
I'm back to working whenever i can fit it in(although i am still trying to get in at least 8 hours of coding a day) and its working well.
Up to 4 hours today so quite below my target but honestly I'm happy with the amount of progress so I'm not going to worry too much.

10 Open items in Wunderlist:
- Character Class[Still needs some work]
- NPC Class
- Player/NPC Pathfinding
- Character/NPC Stats
- Game Save/Load
- Team Class
- Skills/Attacking
- Victory Conditions
- Simple AI
- Gui/Menu's

Seems a lot for 6 days but I'm an eternal optimist so well see how it goes.

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Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading your posts every new day and look forward to seeing the finished product. Also a side note on your open list....NPC Pathfinding and AI are considered one in the same. I think I know what you mean though; you are breaking path finding out and possibly NPC fighting out? Is this correct?

Keep it up.

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Path finding will come in two flavours, one is the small Point A to Point B calculation that are done when a player selects a position to move to.

The second is a continuation of that but it will be incorporated into the decision making progress of the enemy AI.
Eventually it will take into account a whole host of features such as movement cost, tile height, potential for traps danger from enemy attacks etc.

For the prototype its just simple potential damage incurred by moving there(attack from players) and distance.

Technically i suppose they should be separate but it just got lumped in when i was doing a quick overview.

Incidentally i don't suppose anyone knows any simple AI frameworks out there in a .net language?

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I don't know of a pre-built library; but the A* algorithm is very easy to learn and from your description it would suffice your needs.

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