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11 Days - [Day 5] - End

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it's 2PM on Day 6 and I'm just getting around to the entry for day 5.
This, I've found is the only drawback to flexible working; once you are on a roll and work late it messes with your sleeping pattern.

Got the character class and models working as well as the movement between tiles working for characters.
I have also nearly finished working on the path creation mechanism for moving characters around.

Similar to FFT you select the character you want then select the position you want to move them to and the pathfinder generates a path between the two points(if it can).
This path is covered in a glowing blue path so you can see the movement steps.

I do need to do more research on the path finding systems used by common trpg's and then make sure i adhere to something similar; i may have to adjust some of them slightly as I'm planning on being able to support huge scale maps(up to 128x128) and path finding may be different on such a large scale.

I've been using iTween for the movement between tiles and its worked out pretty well so far, it has some nice features such as orient to movement direction(which makes you face the direction of movement).
This is especially useful as I've also added a forward facing direction to the characters, this is to help with rotation for animations and calculation for attacks from different directions.

Motivation wise things are good, still working best late at night but I'm also getting up later and later in the day. Which means I'm getting more dev done, but having less time in the day.

Couple of snags using unity, mostly around model import and scaling but those are sorted now. Not looking forward to the animations, anyone know any good resources for learning the animation pipeline in unity?

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