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11 Days - [Day 6] - Entry 1

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Today is game mechanics day, i will be finishing off the path selection for player characters and implementing some Simple AI for NPC's.
Bur before all that i need to create a team management class, this should allow me to add a few characters per side and control the strategy movement and attacking of NPC's.
As it's only a simple prototype i don't want to get bogged down with complex strategy code(well i do but i shouldn't) so I'm going to put some simple placeholder code in for the moment.
The team management and strategy is linked to pretty much everything else so any real worth is only going to be seen after I've added all the stats/items code anyway.

I'm getting to a point where it's difficult to complete a single thing in its entirety as it depends partially on something else being finished which in turn depends on something else, so I'm switching between different tasks as needs dictate.
Meant to include more screenshots yesterday but forgot , here are the latest screenshots.

This is a simple 3x3 map with the character on the initial square, I've added some simple texturing and a free model for the character(no animation yet).


Here is a much larger map with the character moved to a different square.

Note the only difference between these two is the XML file that generates them, camera positions, model positions and movement are all calculated at load.

I realise that looking at it there's not much difference between these and the last set so tonight at some point I'll record some small video's and put them up on vimeo so you can see the movement(and hopefully the completed path logic)

Also if you have any question about anything or anything you'd like explained better let me know.
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The screenshots look great :)

It's easy to get bogged down in the complexities but you'll probably find it more satisfying if you keep it really simple and get the core game mechanics done first. That way you can see if the game is going to be fun first and worry about the polish later.

This is something I've struggled with a lot, lately I've realised it's often better to use simple boxes as place holder art. You can quickly whip up all the models you need as different coloured boxes or other simple shapes. If you can make the game fun without good graphics it will be even better once the graphics are improved.

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