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A C64 game - Step 3

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Quite similar to step 2 this time we set up sprites. Note that I used another selfmade tool (similar to SpritePad). The file J.SPR contains the sprites and is included into the source as binary. The sprites are located "under" the I/O ROM at $D000 onwards.


And another note: Since I'm lazy I built the sprite copy loop to always copy packages of 4 sprites (1 sprite comes as 63 + 1 byte, so 4 make nice 256 byte packages).

The current step should display the known charset garbage and "HELLO" as before, but also show an elegantly handicrafted sprite.

Right below the charset copy routine we add the copy call.


          ;take source address from SPRITES
          lda #<SPRITES
          sta ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1
          lda #>SPRITES
          sta ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1 + 1
          jsr CopySprites


The sprite copy routine is quite similar to the charset copy but a tad shorter due to the 256 byte packaging:

          ;copies sprites from ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1 to ZEROPAGE_POINTER_2
          ; sprites are copied in numbers of four
!zone CopySprites
          ldy #$00
          ldx #$00
          lda #00
          sta ZEROPAGE_POINTER_2
          lda #$d0
          sta ZEROPAGE_POINTER_2 + 1
          ;4 sprites per loop
          lda (ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1),y
          sta (ZEROPAGE_POINTER_2),y
          bne .SpriteLoop
          inc ZEROPAGE_POINTER_1 + 1
          inc ZEROPAGE_POINTER_2 + 1
          cpx #NUMBER_OF_SPRITES_DIV_4
          bne .SpriteLoop


In front of GameLoop we put the sprite display code. The sprite is positioned at coordinates 100,100, the sprite pointer set to the correct image and the sprite is enabled.

          ;set sprite 1 pos
          lda #100
          sta VIC_SPRITE_X_POS
          sta VIC_SPRITE_Y_POS
          ;set sprite image
          lda #SPRITE_PLAYER
          ;enable sprite 1
          lda #1
          sta VIC_SPRITE_ENABLE



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