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Working on the Battle System now! some preliminary pics inside

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[size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]Hey, folks. Been working on the battle system for Venfer's Riddle for the past two days. It's going okay-- I am in the process of redoing the whole attacking system.

[/font][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]Most battles are spent dodging and blocking for both you and your enemy. In the beginning of the battle, your goals are getting a lucky hit (usually a graze or light cut), and also getting your opponent's stamina down (because once it's down, you'll be able to hit them much more easily) whilst making sure you don't lose all of your stamina in the process (because then the enemy can hit you much more easily). When you get hit in this game, you bleed, and there are very few ways to gain more blood in real life, therefore: don't get hit!

So you'll notice that the battle system is based on reality. If you can't dodge successfully, you try to block, if you can't block, you get hit, and if you're exhausted (out of stamina), you'll fail to dodge and block much more than you would if you were at full stamina. This is the goal I was going for![/font]
[size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]
Basically, it works like this: You have a blood level, and stamina, and so does the enemy.
Strength determines attack power (how much damage done) and how difficult the attack is to block
Agility determines attack speed (how fast you get to act) and how often you successfully evade
Stamina determines the potency of the above stats. So if you have low stamina, your strength and agility are diminished and you are capable of less.
Blood is how much blood you have. You start out with 100, and by the end of the game, it doesn't increase much. The main way you die in this game is bleeding to death. Cuts range from light grazes to mortal wounds.
Endurance determines how much you can carry, and how much stamina you have.

Weapons: swords, blunt, and bow/arrows.
Swords have a sharpness rating that help determine how badly you cut your enemies. Blunt weapons have a physical attack rating and a condition rating, and don't cut enemies, but rather do one-time heavy damage. Bows are a mixture of both onetime damage and bleeding.


Normal attacks are done without clicking an option on the bottom-right list. They're done via a minigame overlaid upon the actual monster image.
Power attacks are done by completing a quick succeed-or-fail minigame that pops up to the right of the window.
Defending gives you a defense bonus and a stamina bonus. Yes, stamina is THAT important.
Cast allows you to use a skill or cast a spell (will be called simply, SKILL later)
Item allows you to use an item from your inventory

Minigame for power attack (one of many):venfer11.png[/font]
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Ack. Did you intend for your entire post to be italicized? I find it difficult to read with my poor vision. The images are interesting, though ;)

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Yes, I did--under the assumption that it was as easy to read for everyone as it is for me... Italicized Times New Roman, size 12 has a special meaning from Venfer's Riddle part 1, and continues to in part 2 as a sort of 'ode' to the original idea behind the game. Sorry you had a hard time seeing it! :(

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I like your idea with str, agility, stamina influnence attack and defence chance. On the other hand, the concept of minigames is almost always a thing I try to skip when playibg a game. They often become repetative and boring after a few games. I would go for a different approach regarding that. Interesting game nonetheless. Keep it up :)

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Thanks for your comments, O-san! Venfer's Riddle [i]is [/i]half a puzzle game, so minigames happen frequently--but I've been an arcade-style game programmer for just as long as I have been an RPG programmer. I know how to make them fun and quick. Besides, you only play minigames in battle when you do a charge attack. It's of your own choice to 'play them'--which gives you a success/fail scenario where you can do big damage, or none at all.

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