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Still standing

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Just a quick post to say hi and that I am still alive. Couldn't afford to top up my pay as you go interwebs stick thing for a bit so was a bit off the grid.

Still job hunting without much success, although may have an interview next week. Shame I can't afford to do any laundry really. Oh well.

Development on Squishy has ground to a bit of a halt at the moment, unfortunately. Got so many other things on my mind I just can't seem to settle to anything. Can't believe I'm over two years into this project now (I think) and I have an intro and one level to show for it. Still, the level is a bit of a black triangle really and the editor kicks a lot of very serious bottom so since I have a lot of free time, hopefully I'll get motivated soon.

I think what I really need to do is write up a story for the game so I have some kind of structure to follow. I'm just sort of building levels at random at the moment. It would be a good idea to maybe sit down with pen and paper (think I own those) and maybe start to sketch out the world so that I have some kind of plan to follow.

Anyway, onward, upward, to infinity and beyond.
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