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11 Days - [Day 8/9] - End

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I'm rolling day8/9 into one day as i only really got a days' worth of work done.
Having said that it's good to get a break once in a while and it's been really nice outside the past couple of days so I've been out and about doing regular people things.

I have got the team system sorted, you can now create groups of actors and query individual and collective data from them
The victory conditions setup is now working as well, uses a multicast delegate to run through a set of functions that return a bool if any of them return true the game is over.

This way you can have different game types other than just destroying the other team, such as king of the hill:

Victory Condition - Player must be on tile[2,4] for 5 turns.
Logic - check whether player is on tile, if so note actor ID, increment counter; if counter = 5 return true.
If no player on tile, counter = 0;

This does pose the problem of multiple enemy AI systems to cope with different game types but that's more fun tasks than a problem.

attacking/defending has been implemented, again using delegates; this allows you to have the attack calculations that are individual to characters(as opposed to global constants).

what I've been struggling with is the path finding, as the enemy AI, path creation and essentially the rest of the game depends on the path finding.

I've looked at third party libraries but for some reason can't seem to get my head around how to utlise them within my tile based system. It's not that they are incapable of it, i's pretty sure it is possible it's just that for some reason my ability to incorporate these libraries was completely annihilated.
I've left this alone for the moment(and also asked a few questions on some forums) but i will be coming back to this implementation later today and hopefully I'll get it done tonight.

Motivation wise I'm middling around a 5/10 at the moment, mostly because of my inability; i prefer things when they are a challenge but the path finding stuff isn't really a challenge logically because i feel like i should be able to do it. It seems more like a mental block which is kind of frustrating, but we'll see how it goes tonight.

Task wise I'm only left with the stuff that relies on the path finding and the GUI, the list is as follows:
- Path finding
- Path creation module
- Enemy AI
- Gui Stats display
- -For individual
- -for team
- -for enemy team
- Hit probability calculation and display
- Damage calculation and display
- Main Menu

With only 2 days to go, including today it's a bit of a squeeze to get it all done.
We'll see how it goes, i plan to finish this even if it runs over the 11 days but I'd like to finish within the deadline.
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