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Spencer Bowers


Hello Gamedev, and welcome to my journal. Like many others, I've started this journal in hopes of gaining additional motivation to keep working on my projects. If I gain some followers while developing these projects, so much the better.

I'll start by introducing myself. I work as a Jr. Programmer at a small software company in Layton, UT. I am 30 years old and still working on my BS in Computer Science at Weber State University. My main interest has pretty much always been game development. While working toward that goal I've found it to be a very good fit for me. As a programmer I constantly exercise my technical side. With games, I can also explore my creative side. I've been lurking around this website for time out of mind, almost from the beginning. I contribute when I feel I have something useful to say, which doesn't happen very often. I have a number of other interests outside of computer games. In roughly my order of interest, these are music, game design, language, and earth sciences (geology, geography, etc.)

Anyways, on to the projects! The main project I'll be talking about here is Frogwood. This is a game I started working on with a friend from school last year. We got some basic functionality done, but we decided to switch from C++/DarkGDK to Java/JMonkeyEngine. I only have 2 classes this summer so I've set a goal to have this game done by the end of the semester. I've created a working design doc/development schedule to follow. My friend Lucas is doing the art, which has always been my primary difficulty with making games. And I've found a composer here on Gamedev who's helping with the music. Overall I'm really pumped for this project. I think our chances for success are pretty high.

In my next post, I'll talk about specifics for Frogwood, and probably post a screenshot. Maybe by the end of the week I'll have a simple demo to put on my website. Thanks for reading!
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Thanks. I just took a look at your journal, and your game looks great! I'll be happy if Frogwood turns out looking half that good.

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Sounds like you have a good plan, looking forward to hear what the game is about. By the title alone all I could think of is a variation on Frogger [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]

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