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Turn Based Strategy

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Decided that since I can't get motivated on Squishy, but since I have an insane amount of time on my hands, I'd write a silly little turn-based strategy game. Never written one before.

There was a game back in the Spectrum days called Lords of Chaos which I was thinking about the other day for some reason so I've decided to pay homage to it with a little, windowed game that will play in a similar way.

So far, I've got pathfinding working and field of view. In the screenshot above, you can click on any revealed floor square and the green block cheerfully wanders over to where you have clicked via the shortest route, with the fog being revealed as it can see new areas. Oh, and you can click and drag with the right mouse button to scroll the map around the screen as well.

Haven't really decided on the graphics strategy yet. Part of me wants to stay strictly top-down with symbolic representations of things to reduce the art-pipeline. Another part of me is quite tempted to the other extreme, with a full 3D view and animated models, but since I can't model for shit, that would probably be a pretty silly plan really.

I'll have probably given up on this by tomorrow so I'm not going to worry too much.
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Don't give up :) You do nice work, and for me at least, It's inspiring. I've found that in recent months here at GD, the community is either shrinking, or I've moved up a few notches, as I am answering more posts than asking. Projects like yours( among others) are what continue to motivate a guy like me to keep growing as a game programmer.

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Thanks for the kind words. I've not given up on Squishy, just need a bit of a sabbatical I think.

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