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Question for you All about the Battle System

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(For those of you who don't know anything about my battle system and get confused, just read the last post of my journal that details it in full)


[size="4"][font="Times New Roman"]How do you all like this system? I'll explain it more in detail here:

To do a normal, everyday attack, you simply draw a line across the enemy in the direction and to the 'color' of the direction box that you're currently on. It's all randomly generated each time you attack. So if you had an Up arrow with a yellow box, you draw the line upwards until it's to the length where it turns yellow. If you get the wrong color, direction, or try to go 'back on your direction' (go the reverse way), you fail, and you lose your chance to attack, and the next time you have to do +1 more direction.

You start out just having to do 2, but if you keep screwing up by trying to attack fast or haphazardly, you can get up to a total of 6 you have to do until the end of the battle.

In the picture, I am on the first 'slash' of three. You can see that I've drawn a line left (like the arrow tells me to), but I've drawn it too far and the line is yellow, and not red. Thus I will fail that attack when I release my mouse. If I didn't, I'd have to draw two more lines to the correct color/direction to succeed.

The system will take a bit of used to, and a lot of practice to get fast and accurate at. But I think it brings a skill/experience based aspect to an otherwise stat-based game that will be refreshing. So I ask again, what do you all think? Maybe start out with just 1 slash required? And from there it counts up when you make mistakes?
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Looks interesting... Keep us posted. I think losing initiative and having to wait until the opponent attacks you is penalty enough though.

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Yes. That's a good point. Perhaps mabe the amount of directions you have to complete depends on the level of the monster compared to your level? Or the type of enemy... hmm.. If you have any other suggestions, I'm all-ears. Thanks!

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I think this is a fascinating idea. Good luck with it and keep us posted.

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