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I'm awesome

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Id like to just let you all know, I'm awesome. Not saying you're not, but I know I am. Work continues on KylarsValcano (title in progress). I've settled on a simple but flexible script setup. It's mainly for adjusting the visual/audio aspects of the different objects. I just need to put together some simple assets to fully test things, but I am very excited to finally put it into use.

I originally thought I would have two different styles of game play, the missile command style you see above, and a top town plane shooter. After putting the prototype together, I realized, the top down shooter is so similar that it doesn't feel like it adds enough to make it worth putting it in the game. Alot of the aspects of that style can be implemented in the missile command style anyways.

Another hurdle that I completely forgot, was what sound library to use. I really like FMOD, but as I plan on trying to get this published, I can't use(afford) that anymore. So do i try to get accustom with someone else library, or roll my own? Id rather not get into more engine development so I guess I'll have to start googling for a new sound library.

Something cool to check out, especially for all those that think GameMaker is just for beginners, This guy has a pretty interesting project going on. http://forums.tigsou...p?topic=18578.0
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Wow cool stuff you got it! Simple, and easy to get into! You are indeed awesome! I plan to get as awesome as you one day once I learn more of programming!

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Awesomeness is so awesome... everyone should be awesome then they could see just how awesome it is.

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This video is just insane I mean awesome lol. Nice job so far.

Any plans for sounds effects? that would really add to the atmosphere for sure.

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[quote name='a_insomniac' timestamp='1304680822']
This video is just insane I mean awesome lol. Nice job so far.

Any plans for sounds effects? that would really add to the atmosphere for sure.

What's in the video was a quick prototype I put together to help get the feel of gameplay, have something to show off, and get an idea of the design for the game. It was put together in just under a week, so sounds weren't my biggest concern.

Thank you for the feedback, though. You amongst many other really like the idea, I just hope there is enough there to turn into a full game, that people will want to play from start to finish.

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