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P60 - No time to waste

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[size="4"]Project 60 (Conceptual idea phase) ~ A one level 2D platformer with possible End Boss (time permitting).

I've decided to push myself a little further than I have in the past, this will be my first attempt at a 2D platformer. With only 8 weeks to pull this off from scratch, no source code, no art, no music, and only half an idea...why not...should be fun!

As of right now, every moment counts and everyday is a day towards July 4th so organization and a plan is key but the end result is two fold. Have fun, and just get my coding swag back before school starts. Here is a 50,000 ft view of what I'm up against and how I just might attempt to pull this off (subject to changes, additions or deletions).


1. May 12th
  • Design Doc
  • Concept Art
  • Coding (Windows base code, DX drawing routines)2. May 19th
    • Menus & screens 50% complete (full CG) Main, Game Over, Credits, Character info, Splash Screen
    • Game music and snd fx ( 50% complete )
    • Coding (DX drawing routines, Input routines)3. May 26th
      • Character Designs w/animations completed (full CG)
      • Menus & screens complete (full CG) Main, Game Over, Credits, Character info, Splash Screen
      • Power ups, bullets, and explosions (full CG)
      • Coding (Collision detection, animation & transformation routines)4. June 2nd
        • Font templates completed (full CG)
        • Game music and snd fx completed
        • Coding (Parallax implementation, Font engine, Audio engine)5. June 9th
          • Coding (Start game code implementation)6. June 16th ( TBA )
            7. June 23rd ( TBA )
            8. June 30th ( TBA )

            Based on the above schedule ( milestones completed ), the project is broken in half. The first four weeks consist of design, base code and in game assets. Last 4 weeks leaves time to implement the game itself.

            The most important thing is to have a "concrete" plan and minimize any fluidity. I'll more than likely have everything fleshed and locked down by the middle of next week. More updates to come...
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Going with no code base, I would leave some time for testing and what not, even doing it full time, those time lines are pretty ambitious, unless you are seriously cut off from all distraction, procrastination, and outside influences. I'm not saying it can't be done, but it basically has you coding an engine frame work and doing assets in about two weeks. The only reason I say this is cause I used to attempt things like that in short periods and always felt disappointed cause I would come up short on what I wanted to get done. Then again, I always had work and stuff to deal with too. A one level 2D platformer in eight weeks seems very reasonable though. Good luck on your journey man, I"ll be paying attention :D

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Thanks :cool: Ambitious is an understatement. I've done something similar to this about two years ago but it was a grind for sure. The only reason I need this project is because attempting it will put me mentally where I need to be before school starts.

After fleshing out some more of the timeline today, i'm realizing that it is really going to be serious challenge to pull it off and I seriously have no time to spare. Truth be told I may take off a 4 to 5 work days towards the end (true death march) if need be. Thanks for the interest though...i'm going to be watching too LOL.

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