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New genius MMORPG idea

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Well, not MMORPG but genius 2D game idea anyway.

The [font="Comic Sans MS"][size="7"][color="#ff0000"]P[color="#0000ff"]i[/color]s[color="#708090"]s[/color]i[color="#ffff00"]n[/color][color="#ff00ff"]g[/color] [color="#800080"]i[/color]n e[color="#00ffff"]a[/color]rt[color="#afeeee"]h[/color][color="#008000"]q[/color]u[color="#00ff00"]a[/color][color="#2e8b57"]k[/color]e[/color][/font] ftw.

You are a little kid called Timmy or Ricky or whatever, whose mother is a cleaning maniac. Little Timmy/whoever needs to piss, but an earthquake happens! The mission is to piss into the toilet and let as few drops of pee fall outside the toilet as possible. The pissing force and the angle is controlled real time by the mouse position (by dragging an arrow), while it's possible to walk and jump around. The pee would be simulated as accurately as possible.

If There's too much pee outside the toilet, Timmy's mom will slap him on his face and game over! The game would be level based. Harder levels mean more obstacles, moving objects like cats or whatever, more pee, things fall in the way of the pee, Timmy is further away from the toiled etc. As Timmy empties his pee, the velocity decreases, and finally, the pee will only come in bursts rather randomly and then just dripping at the end (we all know this thing...).

A possible improvement would be to add running to the toilet: a timer, while Timmy can hold back his pee, then if he runs out of time, pee would spray randomly, which would make the game even harder (since too much would be out of the toilet already). If the mouse is released, piss stops coming (need to improve this part of the idea), but the timer would restart again.

So! If anyone is interested in the idea, go ahead and steal it! (I'll be pretty pissed if you make trillions with this, but ftw)
Note: I'm not fully serious here (I just had the idea 10 minutes ago), and I'm in work obviously and my employer is wondering why I am giggling and [size="1"]drooling[size="1"] like a retard kid....
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Sounds like someone had a hard time during potty training. Psychiatric help is available :blink: ;)

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szecs, [url="http://www.funny-games.biz/piss-drunk.html"]I'm sorry[/url]! I suppose you could clone and replace the beer with Richter scales...

Otherwise, if you want a new idea, I got pretty good inspiration walking home the other day: a first-person game where you have to avoid cracks in the sidewalk by aiming your feet at areas that are "clean" with WASD (left foot) and UHJK (right foot). The final boss is a gigantic rain puddle!

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