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Flash & Actionscript Side Scroller / Platformer Game Engine

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Right now I'm leaning heavily towards doing my game engine as a Side Scroller / Platformer type engine.

Right now I'm thinking of something that could be used and extended to make old school games like Super Mario, Metroid, or Sonic, maybe with some features of a newer game like Super Mario Brothers Wii.

I'm going to try and put together a class structure in AS3 first, then come back and actually fill out the code to make it work.

Once I have the general structure of the classes, I can build some ASDOCs, which will probably help the thought process.

I know this probably sounds pretty boring... but trust me it will be fun biggrin.gif

I'm going to create interfaces the following object types:

1. PlayerCharacter
2. NPC
3. Platform
4. Teleport
5. PowerUp
6. NPCProjectile
7. PlayerProjectile

I can then implement these generic interfaces with classes that extend either movie clip or sprite. I'm also going to need some sort of level class that allows for the grouping and positioning of these objects. Also, there needs to be some way to configure the level (XML???) and some way to build the level that is being configured.
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