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Sunspots in the house of the late scapegoat

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Work continues, I decided to take a break from the boring stuff and implement a couple features into my particle system, to make some of the planned animations easier. I just spent 3 hours cleaning up, and refactoring the messy 2 year old code. Boy was it a mess to, if it wasn't for my insanely long variable names, I would've just rewrote the whole thing. I love just trying to think why I would go through the trouble of typing emissionBehaviorBoundaryWidth or emissionBehaviorVelocityAccelerationInterval...:blink:. Whatever it works, If I get really bored I'll simplify things... maybe.


Just a simple video showing the multiple sprites per emitter, along with fading through multiple colors. Now I'm going to start implementing the needed changes; outside forces, to simulate wind, gravity, for from explosions, etc... The other being the death boundary, basically if a particle leaves a certain boundary it dies are collides with the boundary.

I wanted to make it so that falling debris or particles could hit the ground (boundary), and stay there till they timeout. Also gravity is one lacking effect from my previous videos. The buildings would explode and shoot out debris, but that debris would just fly into outer space, They should fall to the ground right?

I just got to make my mind up on if i want these forces to be constant or allow adding and removing of them over time? Also if they should have an area of effect or effect everything equally? Well back to coding... until next time.

Later that nite ;), finished the assets for testing, and setup a test subject. Time start destroying things.

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