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Spencer Bowers


First, an introduction to the game. Frogwood is a 2D action-platformer. Think of a cross between Mega Man and Abuse, but in a fantasy setting. Here's a pic:


Keep in mind this is pretty much the very beginning of development. Currently, you can move around and jump. The map uses parallax scrolling on the different layers. This picture has 2 layers of grass, 2 layers of mountains, and the moon stays stationary in the background. It has support for different platforms with different friction values, so we can make ice or whatever. I also got slopes added today, but we don't have any art for that yet. I haven't yet figured out how to make the sprite walk smoothly down a slope. Currently he just kind of stumbles down.

The game will use elemental themes for the different levels in a dreadfully cliched manner. When you beat the boss at the end of a level, you absorb some his magic essence, which gives you access to a new spell for that element. I'm shooting for 10 levels, and I won't call it finished with less than 6. I have a tentative timeline I'm working from, with the goal of having an official first version by the end of summer. After that I plan to keep adding onto it until it's a game I would be willing to pay at least a couple bucks for. I don't plan to make any money off this; it's just for my resume. But by now I feel like I have the skill and drive necessary to complete a project like this. If I can finish this one, it'll make all my other failed projects worthwhile.
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Even if it is a really early pic... I like the simplistic art style.

[quote]But by now I feel like I have the skill and drive necessary to complete a project like this. If I can finish this one, it'll make all my other failed projects worthwhile.[/quote]

I feel the same way... I guess that's what learning is all about though. Just got to keep at it it, even if you think it's a fail, you probably learned something from it. Also don't ever trash your dropped projects, keep them even if you don't ever plan to look at them ever again.

An art teacher told me that way back in the day... "Even if you think you did it wrong, don't throw it away" Something to do with your subconscious thinking it was wrong and not letting you learn from your mistakes, but instead discouraging your self to try again... or something like that.

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