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If it don't take two..

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I've been fighting with the character's movement for the last two days. I got stuck at trying to apply gravity in a time based manner like for a day, after which I decided to cap the character's movement and collision detection to 36fps which isn't THAT bad after all, at least for now.

Because of the update limit I had to re-tweak all the velocities that were time based to frame based and that brought up a few problems with collision, that were still pending so I solved most of them.

I modularized the character's movement management in such a way that I can add as many of them as I want and let them be controlled by the user or by a still non-existent AI.

This morning I woke up just to discover that the GForce 6200 would refuse to work for more than two minutes straight so I was forced to go back to my extremely legacy Geforce2 440 MX and work with that. In a way, it's gonna help me optimize as much as I can to keep up the FPS I was getting with the 6200 without much effort.

A video, if only to entertain the eye:

(Note the FPS lol)
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