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Tongue tip tied to the roof of my mouth

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Gotta stop using testing as a reason to play with my project for an hour instead of coding <_<. Things are moving along quite nicely, though I've been having to work later in the day to get around my new my new schedule.

I've started implementing, what I will from now on call 'Threats' and 'Projectiles'. Threats are split into two type, cannons or bombers, what you see in the pic is an example of a cannon threat. These are static objects, and can't be directly effected by you as the player. They instead die over time, so long as you prevent they're projectiles from destroying the buildings below they will die after a certain amount of time. They can also be setup to die after they launch a specific amount of projectiles.

If you've seen my original video, the volcano would be another example of a cannon type threat. It cant be interacted with, and instead just sits there spitting out lava rocks (projectiles). Similar to the volcano all the cannon types rise from the ground, or kinda expand to simulate coming out of the background. This would be used for things like tanks that appear to destroy the city. I just couldn't convince myself that a tank could rise from the ground in the same fashion that a missile silo or mountain could?

Bombers on the other hand would be things like... uh bomber planes :blink:, or basically flying/hovering threats that drop projectiles. These will be interactive, like the projectiles you can eventually shoot them down if damaged enough. They also will be able to move so it won't be as easy to manage they're projectiles but removing them will do wonders. The idea behind these guys to use them as secondary flak along with the cannon type threats.

I do plan on using them as bosses and as the only threat in some levels though.

I'm really gland I spent the first couple weeks flushing out the state driven animation object, dubbed SDO (state driven object). It's made incorporateing assests and designing the graphics feel of everything in the game so far. There is no need to hard code 99% of the graphics, except a couple things that are entirely specfic to the actual object. Such as the specific emitters that are active when the threat rises from the ground. These had weird positioning parameters that, on paper, bloated the script file to the point I was basically coding a whole section of the game, when it would only take 5-15 lines of code in the actual source code.

Well time to finish up some assets and make another video... or is that another excuse just to play with the game :cool:.

For you people that don't spend hours on youtube when you should be working... god i love my job. Check out "Your Favorite Martian" for some funny songs, and his "Tosh.0" style videos called "Equals 3".
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