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P60 - Update Week 1

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[font="Calibri"][size="3"]The nice thing about a hard and fast date is that it cannot be moved, no matter what, the date is coming so deal with it. [size="3"]Midway into week one I find myself still tweaking my attack plan here and there but the end date remains the same. [/font] [font="Calibri"]

[size="3"]At the moment, of course I find out that I am my biggest obstacle and the cause of my slow start as week one is quickly wrapping up. [size="3"]When it comes to anything art related I am the consummate perfectionist but honestly, I need to get over myself and let go most of the time. [size="3"]For example, no matter what I'm creating, be it a drawing, 3d model, graphic image, etc, it has to be perfect.

[size="3"]This "condition" my own personal dilemma of perfection has caused me to lose three days already. [size="3"]I am going to have to do something I have not done before and that is actually use place holder art and or fully fleshed out concept art. [size="3"]If I don't, I will fall too far behind and end up with a comic book instead of an actual game :blink: .

[size="3"]Not having a code base is really tying my hands behind my back due to the time constraints I'm placing on myself to get this project done.[/font]

[font="Calibri"][size="3"]As far as coding, I discovered VisualSVN last night which is actually very very cool. [size="3"]I was dreading having to go through that process of setting up a Subversion server, configuring all of those files etc. [size="3"]Got to love "Next,Next, Next, Finish" software. [size="3"]After about 5 minutes I had a full blown Visual Studio integrated solution up and running with a server.[size="3"] Awesome? ... heck yes. [size="3"]That is just one less headache out of the way as I come close to closing out week one.[/font]

[font="Calibri"][size="3"]Overall I'm still pretty pumped about this project minus the personal art setbacks of which I will overcome trust me, I know I will blog more about it later. Yet I am still unsure of [size="3"]how I am going to actually pull this off because I've never coded an action/platformer type game before. [size="3"]Honestly I really believe that not knowing how to code it is adding to the excitement and driving my motivation at this point; so far being clueless is the best part.[/font]
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