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Enemy design and Powerup design

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Servant of the Lord


Player powerups:

Barrior (kills any object colliding with the player)
- Player has max of 5 seconds. Player can't move while barrior is on.
- Shield is on, draining the player's seconds, until the player releases key.
- Shield recharges at 25% of what it does (1 second takes 4 seconds to charge).

MagnetBlast (pushes back all nearby enemies)
- Player can do this 5 times. Takes 15 seconds to recharge each one.
- If enemy slams into wall with enough force, enemy dies if not unbreakable.

- Player can break walls. Player can do this 5 times. Takes 25 seconds to charge. Lasts 5 seconds.
(WIP - Maybe make this be the player's normal attack?)

- Everything slows down except the player and certain immune enemies, time is slowed while key is held down, player can store up to 5 seconds.


- bool, Enemy immune to time slow
- bool, Enemy goes through walls, enemy collides with walls
- enum, enemy hunts player, enemy wanders until player gets close, enemy follows crystal
- enum, canBreak, invulnerable
- enum, doesDamage, solidWall,


Alright, have to go to an event. I'll be back in 3 to 4 hours and will continue working. mellow.gif
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