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GDNet Community Challenge: Ewe Can't Touch This

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This is my first journal entry here at GDNet, so here's a brief intro: I'm an engineering/computer science student from Melbourne, Australia. This year I'm actually doing a 12 month internship, so I'm working full time, rather than studying. I do gamedev for fun in my spare time, mostly with Unity.

So I've decided to enter the GDNet Community Challenge. The theme is "U Can't Touch This," but I'm distorting it slightly to "Ewe Can't Touch This." I don't have much done yet, so in the absence of a screen shot, I will instead post this image of a Ewe:


It was 3am here when the theme was announced, so I'm a bit behind the 8ball. After getting up at 8.30, searching for my favourite (read: biggest) coffee mug, and getting through my rss and twitter feeds, I can now start getting some actual work done.

I'll post here again soon (hopefully), when I have something more to show.
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