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Contest update- Early Days

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So everyone knows that flying pigs are just ridiculous. Good thing then, that my game is called Ewe Can't Touch This, and not Pig Can't Touch This.
01- Early Days.png

This game is going to be something is the vein of Shopping Cart Heroes or Learn to Fly- fly your sheep as far to the right as you can, earn points, upgrade your sheep, and repeat.
As far as the competition theme goes ("U Can't Touch This), every so often text will appear at the bottom of the screen saying "Ewe Can't touch this: X" and X will be some symbol or object. Then objects will begin to appear in the path of the ewe, and you have to avoid whatever you were just told you can't touch. Other objects will give bonuses or powerups.

So far I have basic game objects set up, and I have the ewe flying. I think next I'll set up the GUI, get the game cycling through the menus etc.

PS- The screenshot above is just placeholder art. Getting the game functional is my first priority, and then I'll try to replace my shitty programmer art with something better.
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