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Polly - a Milkshape inspired modeller

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Quick unveil of the 3D modelling package I'm working on. It's heavily inspired by MilkShape, which I do have a paid licence for, but there are a few annoyances with MilkShape and I've always wanted to write a 3D modeller so I thought I'd have a bash while I have a lot of spare time.

It doesn't look like a lot at the moment, but you have three orthographic views of the random model which can be set to Front, Back, Left, Right, Top and Bottom and you can zoom in and out with the wheel as well as dragging the areas around with Ctrl and the left mouse.

The 3D view doesn't do a lot at the moment, just happily spins the eye around the model in a circle.

Right mouse on all view windows will maximize the window to fill the whole area and you can click on the ortho windows to place vertices in the world.

The next big challenge is being able to rotate the 3D view about with the mouse and zoom in and out on that. Weirdly, I think that is actually most of the really challenging stuff done at at that point it just becomes a task of adding in vertex and face selection and deletion, as well as creating faces from groups of vertices.

Once it has those basic features working, it is then just a case of adding more tools and features until the modeller is capable of building some complex models.

From there I intend to develop a skeleton system and an animation system with a few features MilkShape lacks.

Yes, whatever I want could be done with a MilkShape plugin but this is a hobby, I've always wanted to write one of these and I'm pleased with the progress so far. Keep posted for updates. Quite motivated at the moment as am mainly sober and still not working so lots of time to kill so really nice to be feeling enthused about a project.

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I've spent hundreds of hours developing a 3D editor in my spare time. Believe me, there's a lot more challanges ahead of you. Don't let that discourage you though. It's a very rewarding project and you're right when you say Milkshape lacks some features.

The best piece of advice I can give is, write down a list of the most important features from other editors that you like and make them your priority. Break down those features into smaller tasks and keep it as simple as possible.

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