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The Forest Of All Beginnings

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[color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Hey there everyone! I am fairly new to all this so let me just start with a quick introduction followed by an overview of my projects! I am 21 years old turning 22 soon, I have a 'Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with a Major in Programming' and I have been programming since I was 15 years old with Visual Basic (Yuck, I hate it). The programming \ scripting languages I know at least moderately are C++0x, Java, C# and AS3.0. I am starting this journal as kind of a progress tracker which I hope will keep me motivated though all of these crazy shenanigans. This being my first journal post will be by far my largest post because it will be outlining all the projects I am currently working on.[/font][/color]

[color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]So here is a basic list of my projects.[/font][/color]

  • TS Game Engine - OpenGL, C++0x
  • Game Development Kit - TS Game Engine
  • 2D Flash Engine - Flash
  • This Way Up! - Unity3D Game
  • Sorc - Flash
  • Elma - Flash \ Undecided.
  • FPS - Source Engine
  • iBrains - iPhone using Airplay SDK[color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]
    [/font][/color][/font][/color]One of the biggest projects that I have given myself is the TS Game Engine, this engines main goal is to provide me with the ability to develop games in my own environment, without any extra libs that I have no real understanding or control over, some may argue that this is a waste of time and that other people better than me have already made good image loading libs or implemented component systems or whatever! However this is a learning project for me which means I win if I learn anything. This also aims to be cross platform with Windows, Mac and hopefully some flavours of Linux. Oh I also plan on making my own file formats for assets just for fun and because it will also be easier, I will also only optimise when I find I need to optimise. This is specifically using only OpenGL 4.1 forward compatible context, yes this does cut out some hardware however by the time I am done it shouldn't matter.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]There is a next step to the TS Game Engine which is to create the TS GDK which I plan to be able to support both large and small projects, whether 2D or 3D in game creation. The way I want it to work is to have good multi-user capabilities where in the kit you can edit or create models, textures, scripts, scenes, shaders, documentation (design doc etc.) and also allowing resource allocation (Project Managerial type stuff) while it gets updated to other people instantly allowing use of the new assets for the game, or the new look of the game. I plan on going into much more depth later on. This is my end programming dream.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]I have another engine project, however a much small scoped one, and that is to create a 2D flash game engine, the only reason I am making this is to realise several cool game ideas in a medium that I think will support them. Both games will be released for as many flash portals as possible and both games heavily relying on multi-player however while one is competitive the other is cooperative.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Sorceror (Working title) is a game idea spawned from the map Card Shuffle in Warcraft III, which is a fairly unknown map but basically it's Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering except with real time elements mixed in, I found it highly addictive in multi-player and thought with a few changes it could be a very nice 'casually' competitive game whether team based or 1 v 1.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Elma is a game me and a friend knocked up over a weekend in Game Maker which was basically a game where we would go through a dungeon killing skeletons, we both made our own characters with our own abilities and by the end of the weekend an idea formed about a cool casual cooperative 'story driven' game similar to Magicka. The+ thing I think will make this game awesome is the way we will be structuring abilities with a players character, which is you can mix and match whatever abilities you like to create the character you want. For a quick example with the abilities that we had in the GM game I basically made Sephiroth from FF7. We now plan on remaking this game in an easy to access nature using Flash and making it up to four player, this means that yes a player can play this solo and levels will scale to fit.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]This Way Up! Is a nice simple Unity3D game, it helps me take my mind of large and difficult tasks when I need a break. It is being made for a company me and my friends created called The Action Friends and will be the first game we release, we plan on releasing it for both iPhone and Kongregate. It is about a robot who has his robot girlfriend kidnapped and he must go through a ship, flipping gravity and entering stasis to avoid obstacles and death spikes to try and rescue her. This is my second Unity3D game the first being a game I developed under an intern-ship at N3VGames.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Unnamed FPS, I have always enjoyed CSS Surf which is what I believe to be some of the most innovative game play I have seen. It incorporates established FPS into a crazy new element, that being 'gliding' or surfing along ramps which radically changes the way you play. My plan is to use the same mechanic in a story driven game that introduces the player to the mechanic not only in a easy to understand and learn way but in a way that makes sense. Hopefully this will allow a centralised game for the surf community, which is heavily fragmented and requires a bit of insider knowledge to get around in. I plan on the story being something like you are testing a product that allows a person to glide along ramps, while also allowing a human to withstand large falls and even bounce from them if coming from the correct angle (bunny hopping), I kind of want this to be jokingly done in a portal-esque fashion.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]If you have no idea what css surf is, here is a link to some vids:[/font][/color]


    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]If you play on Aus servers and you want to surf with me I can usually be found on W5 servers or Surf Infamous servers under the name Mr. Baddy.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Ah iBrains! Brains is a project me and my team, The 3 Amigos - 2 programmers and one artist, did as my final project at college and which won game of the year 2010 at the Brisbane campus, it was a three man team, making us the smallest team with programmers. Brains is a simple take-over a city with zombie horde game, using C++ and Ogre 3D (We did physics ourselves 'cause it wasn't worth integrating a large physics engine for the simple physics we needed). Now me and that team have decided to port it over onto the iPhone because we designed the game specifically with it in mind.[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Here is some Brains screens :[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Muting the incredibly repetitive one track we had! [/font][/color][/font][/color]
    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Oh and those hands on the left, they follow the mouse it looks way cool in motion.[/font][/color][/font][/color]
    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Eating homeless people in a Zombie Apocalypse.[/font][/color][/font][/color]
    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"] [/font][/color]
    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Running around the city eatin' people.[/font][/color][/font][/color]
    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"][/font][/color][color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]So that is basically all of my projects and I will do updates on them as I work on them, talking about problems and how I overcame them while also showing off the occasional video and screenshot! That was a lot of waffling, but I felt I needed to do it so my posts have some kind of base to work from :).[/font][/color]

    [color="#444444"][font="Georgia,"]Cheers, Nathan![/font][/color]

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