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Bubblez! End of Day 1 round-up, and start of Day 2

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Well I had to go to go to bed at 2am last night (I'd been at work since 8am), but for the 8 hours work I put in (god was it that much!) I'm quite happy with the outcome. In the first hour this morning I've added in Enemy spawns (Bee's and Leave's) - see screenshot below.

You're going have 2 or 3 types of Enemies to contend with:
  • Bees
  • Leaves
  • Undisclosed (no mystery, I just haven't thought of the third yet!)There's also some bonuses/power-ups that I'm going to include
    • Extra Lives
    • Time Lapse
    • Undisclosed (again, can't think of a third)The goal is to control the bubble, against the wind, and avoiding all the enemies to collect 3 gold stars that will spawn in the levels. Once you've done that you move onto the next level. Simples!

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