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Unnecessary Challenges

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[font="arial"][size="2"]So there I was, at home, sitting at my desk after work and then it happened. My main [/font]Western Digital HDD My Book[font="arial"][size="2"] was no longer blinking...just a solid green and not showing up in Windows. "Oh No![size="2"]" I declared...."You have got to be kidding me![size="2"]". Seriously folks, I cannot make this crap up. Like most of us that work full time, Friday night is that kickoff to the weekend when one attempts to get a nice coding groove going. But noooo, on this particular day, it was not to be for me. [/font]angry.gif

[font="arial"][size="2"]I spent several hours researching the web on what the HELL could be at odds with this frigging (hotter than hell to the touch) HDD. Please understand my frustration... this particular drive houses my entire digital life ....it has "EVERYTHING ON IT![size="2"]"....my God.

[size="2"]Truth be told, I have a redundant back up HDD and I use Memeo Backup software to maintain the two but ummm....yeah, not since 2008..subscription to keep buying the software didn't seem feasible at the time. (Stupid me I know) wacko.gif....but everything I need is on this master drive. (I'm sick right now).[/font]

[font="arial"][size="2"]Anyway, to make what could be a long story from hell a short story from hell. I ended up taking apart the physical enclosure and removing the HDD. From what I found out (during a nerd battle at a local store last night), these older ones overheat and just fail. What? really?....

[size="2"]I'm heading to Micro Center later today to test out the HDD and hopefully buy a new enclosure. God willing....my data is safe.[/font]

[font="arial"][size="2"]Last night obviously was a wash...best case scenario today would be to salvage my weekend with a "win" by restoring this frigging drive and getting back to coding....I'll continue "Hard Drive Gate" later today for sure. [/font]
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I feel your pain, I just had 1 drive die about 2 weeks ago, then my second drive that had the OS on it died less than a week later.

Fortunately though I had been doing Windows 7 image backups to an external USB drive, and last night with new HDDs in my box, Windows faithfully restored my image and all was saved. I highly recommend checking out this method, it is extremely easy to set up and cheap as well.

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This happened to me a few years back, and I know how frustrating this situation must be for you. I'm currently using Amazon cloud (5 GB free storage) to back up my critical data (svn repository dump files mainly). If possible, i'd recommend that you identify the stuff you can't live without and get it down to a small amount that fits in the free cloud storage plans (or maybe use a few services that are free).

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Thanks all for the good advice all.

It sucks because you usually learn from the worst of mistakes, always the other guy...never me.

The cloud idea sounds interesting i'll take a look into that for sure. I've always be interested in RAID setups...at this point I'm willing to do whatever...

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