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Let me introduce you: "Teh" LEVEL Editor (lol I can't think anymore

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I think my brains are just gonna asplode!

I've been coding this thing for 24 hours straight, with the help of 48 cigarettes, lots of (diet) coke, cookies and sandwiches.

Most of the work was interfacing all my framework with Lua. The interface file is more than 50.000 lines of code (auto generated of course) but I got it. The entire UI, the rendering routines, the world data and the input management is now all accessible from scripts which is a blessing because I don't have to re-compile anymore!

I've coded a big deal of the level editor. I know it from head to toes but I still gotta learn to use it. :)

As always, I recorded a little video. As always, it is slow as hell but to counter that I resampled it to 76 FPS biggrin.gif





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Passing cookies and sandwiches with cocaine could get messy. I can do pretty well with caffeine alone. :)

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