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Different space simulator

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Welcome to the dev log of StarDust. This project lied in my head for quite a time, but I never had time I could dedicate to it. Until relatively recently. Just several weeks ago a concept for the game has been finally laid out. Design is still being written, but enough has been already prepared to start coding the basics. In the end I expect some things will change on the fly.

So what the game is supposed to be about?

StarDust will be a space simulator with some RPG elements. Big importance is given on the "simulation" and "realism". But don't be afraid, travel to Mars is not going to take 9 months. Realism is placed in ship handling, the physics and the ship design. The game should evoke in a player feelings that he is really in space and in a ship that can in the future really exist.

With the realism in game the StarDust is however not going to be a pacifist. Battles are on the list to do as well and with the physics of space they will be something not experienced before. The space requires new maneuvers and new tactics to be used in combat than in ordinary fly-simulators. Even for most players that played some space simulators before will be ships in StarDust something new.

As in all RPGs the player will be able to buy new equipment for himself or his ship, or buy a brand new ship that is better and larger. Starting from small fighter the player can end with a battlecruiser and having several fighter squadrons under his command, all depending on his progress over the missions. His actions in one mission will have an effect on what his next mission will bbe and where the main story will go and how it'll end. Every game will thus be different.

Currently I am working on the basics of an engine. Most probably the game will come running with all it's game features before the graphical engine with all the additional effects is finished.

My latest work were orbital and rotation parameters of planets of Solar system. Each planet has not only real orbital distance, size, rotation and orbital period, but simply said also real angle of the orbital plane and axis angle. A bit more work is still needed on the eliptical orbit paths.

Picture below shows all the planets except Uranus. Saturn is for now without rings, but hopefully not for long. Pluto was on the scene too, but even with the modificators reducing the distance of planets is Pluto too far and too small to be seen. Maybe I'll bring you a size compare of Pluto and one of the giants in next post. For now I must end.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and that I raised at least some interest in you about StarDust.

Petr Marek


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I dream of making a space exploration game one day... I can't believe there's still not a definitive successor to Starflight after so many years!

Any game that allows you to control a spaceship is awesome. :)

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