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"Ewe can't touch this" - by CamJackson

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Servant of the Lord


How the scoring works:[size="2"][color="#1c2837"] I score 0 to 5 points on each topic. Each point is equivalent to 0.5 points on the overall scoring. So each topic can contribute a total of 2.5 points to the overall score of 0 - 10.[/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]A 0 in the field means it's not present at all. A 1 means it is present, but very badly done. A 5 means I can't think of a way to make it much better, it's good enough as is.[/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]0 = Not present at all.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]1 = Present, but very badly done[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]2 = Good attempt, but didn't work too well.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]3 = Nothing to talk about, either good or bad.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]4 = Really good, but a few flaws in execution.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]5 = Excellent, there isn't many ways it could be improved.[/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Note: This is a harsh scoring mechanism, beause I'm doing it as a fellow developer to give critical feedback to help us all improve our craft, and not just say 'It was good' without explaining *why* it is good. Anything 6 or above is quite good![/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="5"]"Ewe can't touch this" [size="2"](downloadable version)[/color]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="5"]"First Time User Experience"[size="2"] - How easy it is for the player to get rolling with your game. Covers installation and communication with the player on how to play the game.[/color]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The menus are good, and easy to understand.[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]When buying upgrades, it would've been better if it said the cost next to each item,[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]instead of when hovering over the 'upgrade' button.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]There is no "Can't touch this: Apple" as was originally planned (read in your journal during the contest), which would have helped immensely to tie the gameplay to the theme, as well as explain why you suddenly crash into black blobs of stuff (the silhouette of the fruit).[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The lack of instructions didn't help, which is unfortunate, because the first few times you do the controls, it's difficult to understand. (Thankfully I've played Paper Mario 2, and so rapidly grew acustomed to it after the first few flights).[/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Death 1: Not knowing what to do, and so just started clicking buttons until I hit space and my sheep jumped to his death.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Death 2: Trying to hold space thinking it might make him jump farther when I released. Nope, just dive bombed again.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Death 3: Figured out controls mid-flight but was too late, and was in a nose dive.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Death 4: What's the black blob of ink? Oh, it's death.[/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]All other deaths: Now I understand the game, so these are legitimate gameplay deaths.[/color]
[/color] [size="3"][color="#1c2837"]'First Time User Experience' score: [/color][color="#808000"]2[/color]
[size="3"] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The lack of instructions made the first jump into the game really difficult.[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The gameplay itself, once you understand it, becomes easy to flow with.[/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"][hr]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="5"]"Graphics & Audio"[size="2"] - Pretty straight forward, do the visuals and sound contribute to or detract from the game?[/color]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The graphics are nice. I love the simplistic sheep design, whether standing or in flight.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The background and the brick wall could've looked a bit better, but the menus look nice.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The fruit edges were kindly pixelly (here is where partial transparency would come in handy), but otherwise looked good.[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]No audio?[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The lack of audio is greatly noticed and detracts from the game a good deal.[/color]
[/color] [size="3"][color="#1c2837"]'Graphics and Audio' score: [/color][color="#808000"]2[/color]
[size="3"] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"][color="#000000"][size="3"][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Graphics get a '4': Really good, but could've had some minor improvements.[/color][/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"][color="#000000"][size="3"] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Audio gets a '0': Completely absent.[/color][/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"][color="#000000"][size="3"] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]So the 'Graphics and Audio' combined field gets a '2'.[/color][/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"] [/color][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"][hr]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="5"]"Theme"[size="2"] - How integral is the contest's theme with the game?[/color]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Very integrated, but it would've been alot more apparent if "Can't touch this: Apple" was visible on-screen when all apples are blacked out.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The name, 'Ewe can't touch this', and the statement 'Ewe crashed', was very clever and amusing.[/color]
[/color] [size="3"][color="#1c2837"]"Theme" score: [/color][color="#808000"]4[/color]
[size="3"] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The gameplay is very attached to the theme.[/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"][hr]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="5"]"Fun Factor"[size="2"] - Is it an enjoyable gaming experience?[/color]
[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]It's fun, once you know how to play it.[/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]I love the ability to upgrade the sheep. It gets funner the more you play it, because the upgraded stats really add to your ability to go farther.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Sometimes the collision is a bit too harsh with the black fruit. I recommend making the collision rect less strict.[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]It would've been nice if you could get bonus point multiplyers for picking up the same fruit multiple times in a row.[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Very fun gameplay. The more times you upgrade the sheep the more of a sense of power you got, and the less you feel you are gliding and the more you feel you a flying.[/color]
[/color] [size="3"][color="#1c2837"]"Fun Factor" score: [/color][color="#808000"]5[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Though there is the minor issue of the collision rects, the game is too fun and too enjoyable (especially once you put in some points) to let a minor thing like that detract from it.[/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"][hr]
[/color][size="5"][color="#1c2837"]Total scoring: [/color][color="#808000"]6.5[/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Very well done, CamJackson![/color]
[/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]victory.png
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Recommended Comments

Thanks for the in-depth review!
Yeah, with sound I thought that putting crappy sound in would be annoying and might detract from the game, so I left it out. In hindsight, it probably wouldn't have been that hard to just get a couple of effect sounds and maybe some music and add them in.

I put instructions next to the links when I posted the game, but clearly, relying on everyone to both get the game from where I originally posted it, and read those instructions before downloading, was a bad idea! Again, in hindsight, should have put in game instructions. I think part of my complacency with this was because I'd been playing it over and over and over while testing, so I think I began to assume that the controls were self-explanatory.

It's no coincidence that the two textures that were quite lacking (background and brick wall) were the ones I made myself in MSPaint, while the sheep and the fruit I got my artist (girlfriend) to do for me. The GUI was just stock unity GUI elements.

With the theme stuff, I actually went through a few different versions before settling on what I had. I originally had the fruit not turn black, and just a thing pop up that said what you couldn't touch. However, it became too frustrating trying to pay attention to what was 'bad', where the fruit were, where you were etc. It was just too much. So I decided to give a visual cue, and turn the bad fruit black. Once I did that, it was a lot more fun, and I found myself ignoring the text and just watching where I was flying. So with that I decided to just get rid of the text altogether.

The collision detection needed a little work. The fruits were all spheres, but the sheep was just a bounding rect, and it showed.

I'm really stoked with the 5 for fun, and I'm impressed you managed to finish it! Personally I found it too hard once speed was upgraded all the way, so I tended to leave it on 4, and then it wasn't too tricky to reach the end.


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My pleasure; it's a great game.

I used speed on '5'; it did (at first) become harder, but it also made it really fun dodging the fruit at very high speeds.

One annoying thing, which I think I forgot to mention in the review, is how I kept smacking my head into the top of the world and slowing down by about 40%. It must've happened like 6 or 7 times. [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]

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Haha yeah, I maybe could have lowered the deceleration from that a bit. Looking at the code, you're spot on. It cuts 40% off.
Funnily enough, I actually found I almost never hit the ceiling.

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