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Review of 'Hammertime' by Mussi

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Servant of the Lord


How the scoring works: I[color="#1C2837"][size="2"][size="2"][color="#000000"][size="3"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][color="#1c2837"] score 0 to 5 points on each topic. Each point is equivalent to 0.5 points on the overall scoring. So each topic can contribute a total of 2.5 points to the overall score of 0 - 10.[/color][/color][/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"][size="2"][color="#000000"][size="3"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/color][/color][color="#1C2837"][color="#1C2837"]A 0[size="2"][size="2"][color="#000000"] in the field means it's not present at all. A [/color]1[size="2"][size="2"][color="#000000"] means it is present, but very badly done. A [/color]5[size="2"][size="2"][color="#000000"] means I can't think of a way to make it much better, it's good enough as is.[/color][/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"] [/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#1C2837"][size="2"] [/color][/color][color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"]0[size="2"][size="2"] = Not present at all.[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]1 = Present, but very badly done[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]2 = Good attempt, but didn't work too well.[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]3 = Nothing to talk about, either good or bad.[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]4 = Really good, but a few flaws in execution.[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]5 = Excellent, there isn't many ways it could be improved.[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"] [/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]Note: This is a harsh scoring mechanism, beause I'm doing it as a fellow developer to give critical feedback to help us all improve our craft, and not just say 'It was good' without explaining *why* it is good. Anything 6 or above is quite good![/color][/color]

[/color][/color][color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="5"]"First Time User Experience"[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] - How easy it is for the player to get rolling with your game. Covers installation and communication with the player on how to play the game.[/color][/color]

[size="2"][color="#1c2837"]There was no menu, just a readme.txt.[/color]
[size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Hitting the boss with the hammer didn't visually show the boss being hurt (same with the boss hitting you), so I had no clue if I was actually even doing any damage or not.[/color]
[size="2"][color="#1c2837"]There was no interface to give me either the boss' or my own health, so I couldn't tell whether I was progressing or not.[/color]
[/color][size="3"][size="2"][color="#000000"][color="#1c2837"]'First Time User Experience' score: [/color][color="#808000"]2[/color][/color]
[size="2"][size="2"] [color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="3"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]There was a readme, but it on its own was insufficient.[/color][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="3"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/color][/color]
[/color][/color][color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="5"]"Graphics & Audio"[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] - Pretty straight forward, do the visuals and sound contribute to or detract from the game?[/color][/color]

[size="2"]The graphics were nice. Kudos for going 3D! The visuals were good, with the exception of the texture on the walls of the arena, which was stretched out. It was slightly dark and hard to see.
[size="2"](Note: Using OpenGL for rendering was not working well - the boss and the player's avatar were both entirely black)

[size="2"]There was no music or sound effects.
[size="3"][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][color="#000000"]'Graphics and Audio' score: [/color][/color][color="#808000"]2[/color]
[size="2"][color="#1C2837"]Graphics get a 4: Texture on walls were smeared, and everything was too dark.[/color][color="#1C2837"]Audio gets a 0: None. [/color][color="#1C2837"]So the 'Graphics and Audio' combined field gets a '2'.[/color]
[size="2"] [color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][hr][/color][/color][color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="5"]"Theme"[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] - How integral is the contest's theme with the game?[/color][/color]
[/color][/color][size="2"][size="2"]Other than the name, I don't see how it relates to either MC Hammer, or 'Can't touch this'.
[size="3"][size="2"][color="#000000"][color="#1c2837"]"Theme" score: [/color][color="#808000"]0[/color][/color]

[size="3"][size="2"][color="#000000"] [/color][size="2"][hr]
[color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"][size="5"]"Fun Factor"[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] - Is it an enjoyable gaming experience?[/color][/color][size="2"]
It was fun, but I didn't know whether the boss was getting hurt at all or not.
All I did was sidestraf him and click the mouse button repeatedly until spontaneously, I got a "You won. Press c to continue" message.

Continuing the game when you die doesn't reset the boss' or the player's location.
[size="3"][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]"Fun Factor" score: [/color][color="#808000"]2[/color]
[/color][/color][size="5"][color="#000000"][color="#1c2837"][size="5"]Total scoring: [/color][size="5"][color="#808000"]3[/color][/color]

[size="2"][size="2"]Good try on completing a game in less than 72 hours, Mussi. It was pretty bold trying to make a 3D game, even.
[size="2"][size="2"]It seems like this could become a good game, if you [size="2"]really[size="2"] had the time to put into it. As it is, even though it doesn't do much, it's easy to see how it could become alot more if time permitted, or if you continue to work on the project post-contest.

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Hey, thanks for the review.

Creating those models took up like half my time, which was a bad choice competition wise, but I just got caught up in creating them :P. The smear in on the walls was purely because it was overtime and I didn't have time to unwrap.

[quote]Other than the name, I don't see how it relates to either MC Hammer, or 'Can't touch this'.[/quote]
You're the second to say that, I'm actually surprised. I thought being a sort of robot matador is all about 'can't touch this', but it seems like everyone disagrees or doesn't see the connection. I wanted to be a little different, I figured most people would go for can't touch x object while passing trough y level or something like that. Didn't seem to work out for me.

[font="georgia, bookman old style, palatino linotype, book antiqua, palatino, trebuchet ms, helvetica, garamond, sans-serif, arial, verdana, avante garde, century gothic, comic sans ms, times, times new roman, serif"][quote]Freedom lies in being bold. ~Robert Frost[/font][/quote]

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I didn't realize I was a matador; sometimes you have to bludgeon me over the head with not-so-subtle in-game wording or something to get me to make the connection. [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/mellow.gif[/img]

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Thank you for your kindness :). I did leave out a lot, which would've made a better connection to the theme. I planned on letting the bull have a forcefield that wouldn't allow you to touch him until he charged you and slammed into the wall, after slamming into the wall you were supposed to hear 'can't touch this' and 'hammertime' sounds. Oh and the huge canon on his back was supposed to fire a laser beam that you obviously couldn't touch.

I saw this challenge as an opportunity to get to know Ogre3D, which I had never used before and turned out to be more complex than I had anticipated.

Congratulations on your third place btw!

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Wow, you went into [s]battle with an untested weapon[/s] the competition with an unfamiliar API?
That's pretty crazy. [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img] It's a good way to force yourself to learn a new library I suppose though.
For using an unfamiliar API, you accomplished alot.

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Yep, can also be very frustrating. I went berserk when I couldn't get simple text drawing to work haha. I had recently decided to swap my engine, that I use for a big project, for Ogre3D, because there was really no point in reinventing the wheel after getting to know the underlying API.

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