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Review of "Airplane" by Muzz5

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I don't want to do a more extensive review of this game, since it's clearly in a very incomplete state. I'll just hit some bullet point comments.
  • No real goal other than 'survive'.
  • The ship looks kinda cool, but it's disapointing that the level has no boundries and just ends.
  • Despite the menu screen promising music, there wasn't any.
  • The only noise I heard was the plane speeding up. No crash noise or anything.
  • The collision was delayed - I'd crash, and continue going and then half a second later respawn at the starting point.
  • Also, the draw distance was too short, so when flying suddenly out of nowhere a hill will spring up in front of me.
  • I enjoyed the instructions being in 2D layered in 3D. Nicely done.
  • Nice job taking the risk of making a 3D game; it's unfortunate it didn't work out well.
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