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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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If anyone is still alive to read this, here are your Journal Land entries from 5/13 - 5/20.

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Journal Entry

Keeping up with yesterday - if you're in need of a reminder why it's important to back up your data, a_insomniac has a good one for you. Remember, all hardware at some point in time will fail. Never assume either that time is a ways off - even if you just bought it. I personally back up data every day both locally and off-site with Crashplan, which charges me $5 a month for unlimited storage space. Your data is worth way more than that.

Featured Member Journal Entry

MysteryMeat's Journal - MysteryMeat is burnt out from coding and has decided to take some time off and find something else to do with his spare time. Any suggestions for him? Burnout is a common facet of game development everyone goes through at least once at some point - if you have experiences to share drop on by and leave a comment. He plans to talk about his uncoding experiences to get a better perspective on whether it's helping him or not.

There are new tales to read in the recently-created journals of CRYP7IK, Aldacronlogo+%20bullet.png, eSJay Designs and KaRei!

Community Challenge Journals
Check out games that were made for the GDNet Community Challenge last weekend

  • Pixel ? Tile ? World - not only does Servant of the Lord blog about his own game that he created this past weekend for the community challenge but he also has reviews of all the other challenge entrants as well!
  • Graphics Engine Development logo+%20bullet.png - AndyEsser shares his progress on his game Bubblez, which has you controlling a bubble around obstacles to collect stars
  • CamJackson's DevLog - CamJackson reports on the progress of his entry Ewe Can't Touch This, which has you controlling a flying sheep avoiding specific obstacles in a simon-says manner
  • kiwibonga's Blog logo+%20bullet.png - kiwibonga didn't keep a running update of his entry TunnelJumper, but he does have a nice post mortem of it
  • et1337 makes games logo+%20bullet.png - et1337 has a cool time-lapse video of him modeling a Sig Sauer P220 in Blender 2.57 using just reference photos. Sweet!
    Project Updates

    • Journal of Zao logo+%20bullet.png - Zao has a simple snake clone up for download he threw together over a weekend in a challenge to a friend
    • owl's Blog - owl has a video to introduce his game's level editor, showing him construct a level and walk his ragdoll around it
    • IfThen Software LLC - InvisibleMan has an update on the lighting in his project, including a screenshot, a reference to Real-Time Rendering where he got his lighting info and things to watch out for when setting shader constant registers
    • Web by Day, Games by Night. - zerotri introduces his first project and details WynterStorm, the engine that he also constructed and that is powering the game
    • Rock, Paper, Glue - zarfius talks about how traffic spiked after the release of Glue Editor Lite, the features he plans to implement in the next version, and a current look at where he's at in progressing towards that release
    • Walking Towards The Sun -freeworld is looking for a 2D artist and a sound producer that would be willing to work with him on his project. Inquire within!
      Game Dev Stuffs

      • New Old Things - Endurion goes to the next step in his Commodore64 programming journey, which covers building the screen the player will see during the game. Sounds like such a simple thing these days doesn't it?
      • Journal of Aardvajk logo+%20bullet.png - Aardvajk is trying to "translate a viewport coordinate into the equivalent world point on the XY plane where Z=0" and shares his code, wondering why he has to multiply the eye coordinates by two
        Thanks for stopping by, sosa, Suspense, yckx and JTippetts.
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