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When zarfius said a couple of my posts ago in the comments that writing a 3D modeller was a constant source of problems, he or she was pretty much on the nail.

So I finally got the perspective view working. Then found out I had broken the ortho view. So I had to rewrite the entire ortho view's rendering and ScreenToWorld methods, nearly drove me mental.

But now it all working, I've just found out that the way I'm rendering the perspective view won't work properly. So frustrated I can't even be bothered to go into details. So now the rendering for the perspective view will have to be rewritten with a new strategy, AND THIS WILL PROBABLY BREAK SOMETHING ELSE.

Gods, I HATE this project. But it's annoyed me now so I'm channeling all of my newly sober frustration (on day 2 and AA is saving my life, thank God) into beating the bastard.

I will never be defeated. NEVER! Mwhahaha!
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Based on my limited "experience" you should already keep undo/redo functionality in your sight. My editor project showed me that paradigms are handy and shotgun/spaghetti coding is not. Adding a feature = adding code to approx 10 different places. Adding a feature will probably screw some other feature. Adding a feature means few hours of testing its interaction with other features if they are not immediately executed but state based.

Maybe that's not a problem for you, I'm just a tinker cheap shit after all.

Another thing: how can you test the editor with a cube? That's the worst test object for an editor I can imagine...

Anyway, I say a lot of happy moments await for you, so keep it up!

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Hi szecs.

Yeah, as soon as I get to the point where I am actually modifying the model with the editor, I have learned in the past that undo/redo is essential to implement from the word go. Thanks for the advice.

The cube is just something I'm creating in code - it serves the purposes I needed to check at the moment. Once I've added some basic vertex-adding and face-creating features, I can then visually create a more complex model and yes, I'm sure you are right, at that point a whole raft-load of other problems are likely to emerge :).

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Well, The reason I think cube is not the best for testing, because it's too symmetrical and too convex. I wouldn't feel comfortable about my rendering just based on a cube. Maybe the glitch you posted in DirectX would have shown earlier...

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Nah, the glitch was obvious as soon as I tried to implement it. Wasted a day trying to get occlusion working without using a depth buffer (complicated system to do with ordering vertices based on the orientation of the triangles they were attached to) then realised that wouldn't work, then wasted a day trying to get the depth buffer working.

I'll need a more complex model when I start shading the faces, but I'm confident the wireframe and vertices stuff in the perspective view are good now. So going to postpone shading until I've got enough tools to make and modify models in the ortho views.

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