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Flash Peer-to-Peer!

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Well, I have been working on things just not anything mentioned in my last post, instead I worked on a cool account creation \ login system that my games will be using, I also plan on integrating those with FB and Kongregate so people can login and play using those credentials. The reason I need these is a way to save for Elma:

  • Character.
  • Character Story Progression.
  • Character equipment \ inventory.
  • Character unlocked abilities.
  • Character equipped abilities.
  • Character upgraded abilities.
  • Game creating and searching
    and for Sorc:

    • Wins\Losses
    • Rank (To do match-making like SC2)
      To come up with the mySQL databases that would hold these, I went to my brother for some consultation, he works for \ has worked for large nation-wide \ world-wide corporation \ banks developing systems that require incredibly large and complex SQL databases so I was in good hands. I already had a simple layout ready for what I wanted but he streamlined it so it was professional, optimised and also generic, so that's good. I then went ahead and added communication between my game and the mySQL database and hooked it up to allow:

      • Creating an account - I will integrate FB \ Kongregate really late, so this will suffice for now (Requires no email just username and pass, then click create so it's simple for testers!)
      • Logging into an account, which then checks if you have a character if not, takes you to character creation screen. If you do already have a character it will mention that you succeeded in logging in.
      • Create a character, which at the moment is just a name. It doesn't let you create more than one at the moment (even though my database supports it, my engine won't for a while)
        Doesn't seem like much but it took about two days to design and develop, but I was learning mySQL and PHP on the go.

        After I had this done I then looked to how I was going to do my Peer-To-Peer communications which is when I learned the horrible truth that:

        You cannot listen on a socket in Flash!

        I was like what the hell man! Why would you include sockets but remove functionality from normal sockets!! I was pretty frustrated at this point thinking that I would have to change to Java or something that DID allow it. I didn't want a server because I can't afford to pay like 120 dollars a month for a server for a free game. So I went on a massive search, finding false positives and whatnot until I found a service that Adobe offers called Cirrus (Stratus before that) which seems pretty amazing, it's free (Although in beta) and has a lot of awesome features that make it perfect for what I need, if not a little overkill.

        The only problem I have with Cirrus is that at any time Adobe might pull the plug on the service itself or making it cost money but hopefully if they do that they allow sockets to be able to listen! (That's what I am hoping anyway)

        Here are some links that are helping me spring-board into development:


        Oh and simple updates:

        • You can go back from any state (To test either game quickly!). Known Bug: Can't click on the button when you are viewing a map, so use the 'b' key.
        • Figured out how to properly publish my flash games.
          I guess the moral of this is RESEARCH if the language \ API you are working with supports what you want before actually starting.

          Anyway check out my super awesome login system here. (Go to Elma)

          Cheers, Nathan.
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