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"Me" vs "Me" ..... Fighting back!

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So here I am picking up the proverbial pieces after my devastating data loss angry.gif. No success after switching out the enclosure, now I am left with the option of paying north of $130 to attempt the use of a data recovery service (To be continued...)

More importantly, here is an update to [size="3"]Project 60:

It is apparent that I would be lying if I suggested no real time has been lost. The biggest factor in not really getting anything accomplished for the last week and a half is simple...DEEEMOTIVATED & PISSED!! I finally just had to tell myself to get over it and that there is no such thing as the "Binary Fairy oh restorer of all things good" who reanimates dead hard drives for good little developers all around the world.

So there you have it, I am over it...a little bit. The reality is that my classes are still going to start in July and I also made a commitment to completing this project. Realistically, trying to get back that week and half is going to be tough as hell no doubt but I refuse to move that July 4th date. I believe in maintaining a level of consistency both with personal projects as well as with my professional ones. Whatever I gotta do to get caught up and make it work will just have to get figured out as I go...most of us usually grow a little more under stress so maybe this was a good thing (...um not really).

Anyway, I hope to be able to post some kind of concept art by end of weekend related to the project. As far as coding goes, the code base "was" coming along nicely until that "issue" happened" but I'm back grinding again...no excuses!

Going forward, I should/will be posting more on a regular basis;still trying to jump start my mojo...regardless..a commitment is a commitment wink.gif

Thanks for stopping by!
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That does suck that you lost the data, but moving forward is the important part of those scenario's. It's easy to give in to frustration, which leads to hate, which leads to bad pre-quel movies being made. So, don't do it :P Good to see your getting back into, keep it up. The good news, you'll have good practice for the bits you have to recode.

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Just think about how freakin' awesome it will be to have the project finished!

Props for setting dead-lines and trying to keep them, it's such a hard thing to do, especially on yourself.

Good luck with the recovery and always have motivation!

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@DecipherOne - I really needed a laugh lol thanks "which leads to bad pre-quel movies being made"

@CRYP7IK - Thanks for the words of encouragement [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img]

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