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Pac-Hedron HUD

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It's beginning to feel like a real game! Now I just need to make it update...


I need to tweak my font to look better at small sizes and through the bloom in the menu. Also, I don't like the '3' or the '4', but I don't know if I can come up with anything better. Bloom is still ramped up pretty high in this image. Also, I need to work on the maze shader (I think I want something like a neon tube look), but that's fairly low on the todo list.
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When I first saw this i thought "PAC-TRON"? LOL...
I agree with Gaiiden about the font but overall it's looking pretty cool. Are you going to post a vid of the game play?

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Tron does serve as a bit of visual inspiration, but the maze doesn't really look how I'd like it to. I intend to work on that shader before I release it. I'll release a gameplay video once some more done with it. You can eat the pellets, but that's about all the game-play functionality it has at the moment. You can see my last (short) video [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wge1g5ysykU"]here[/url], which should give some idea.

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Great progress again! Did I mention that I can't wait to get my hands on a playable release? :)
Good to see your enthusiasm.
I have to agree to Gaiiden, though. I don't like the font either -- took me a couple of seconds to decipher "Fruit Icons" in the bottom right corner; now while this is possible thanks to what our brain usually considers as "context", it gets worse in the numbers. If you depicted a random number, I guess, we'd all have difficulties reading it... But you already said you're on it... So: Good luck!!

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Heh. "Fruit Icons" is just a place holder because I don't actually have any fruit icons ;)

And yes, I've decided to have a second font to display the score. In the menu it's not as bad, but you really should be able to read the score at a glance while playing, and the theme font is difficult to decipher at a glance, and especially so at that size. I still want something retro-inspired, though, so I'll have to open up Gimp and see what I can devise.

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