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Day 2

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Okay, I slacked off for a week before I even started. The hardest part is getting started, right? I'll just blame it on midterms :D. Anyways, I need to try to make a couple baby steps each day.

Anyways, today I followed the sfs youtube totorial for creating a basic chat. After running into a plethora of newbie problems (like not loading the SFS library, using the flex 3 package instead of flex 4, mis-spelling 'config', I can get everything to compile, but something is wrong when I try to load the config/trying to connect to the server.

protected function login_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
chatLog.text += 'Loading Config...\n';

private function onConnection(event:SFSEvent):void
chatLog.text += 'Connection Success~~!!\n';
var request:LoginRequest = new LoginRequest('');
chatLog.text += 'Connection Failed...\n';

Minimum goals for tomorrow: Find out what is wrong with the configuration/connection. Do I have to build it first and put it in the SFS folder?
Optional: Start putting more elements into the chat room using the examples provided the SFS team.
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