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Map Editor. Airplay emulator issues. iOS certs.

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I've spent the past week improving the Map Editor. It's usability has improved greatly, but there is still a lot of room for more features to improve productivity with the tool further.


The map editor now exports the map and tile meta-information to a binary format. Tile meta-data is read into the map editor as a hand-written XML file.

I've gotten code written using the Airplay SDK in C++ to load the exported binary map information, display and scroll around the map on an iOS device. I had some difficulties with the SDK emulator getting OpenGL errors after I upgraded to 4.4. I previously had similar issues with 4.2, but after upgrading my graphics drivers they went away. I tried upgrading my graphics drivers again this time, but no such luck. It's possible I may need a new graphics card to use the emulator, the 9800 GT is a bit old but I would think it would have all the features necessary to emulate a mobile chipset. Maybe I underestimate the progress being made on hardware.

Anyways, falling back to 4.2 resolved the issues, but I'm concerned there may be other issues in 4.2 that are fixed in 4.4+. I'd also like to use Game Center, which I do not believe is supported in 4.2. We'll see I guess. I would rather avoid getting (paying for) a Mac, learning Objective C and having non-portable code. Supposedly it's possible to just have an Objective-C wrapper around C++ though.

But regardless, it is running in the emulator!

Clearly there are some graphical glitches to address -- drawing off the screen and some alpha issues possibly caused by GIMP anti-aliasing. But, it works.

It runs on the device too. I spent at least a couple hours trying to figure out how to provision the device, sign the app, and get it installed on the device. I hear that's par for the course though, and eventually I did get it running.

Next week -- I plan on cleaning up the graphical issues, measuring FPS (somewhat moot for a turn-based game, but it would like it responsive), supporting different resolutions, improving the map editor, and, time-allowing, creating more/better artwork.
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