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XBOX 360 Controller Support

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Over the weekend I was thinking about including joystiq support for Project 60. Considering that the universe of NYKO Air~Flo EX controller owners, of which I own is most likely very small, I figured why not at least support an XBOX 360 controller?...even though I dont own an XBOX :blink:

Anyway there I was today standing in Target after work looking for a wired XBOX 360 controller...of course they did not have any and I needed (wanted) one right now. With gas prices the way they are I decided to risk it and go with an Aftermaket (Microsoft Licensed) XBOX 360 controller. It's an "Afterglow AX.1 (Glowing Orange) 360 knockoff" :unsure:

Truth be told, when I got it home needless to say I was a little nervous because the instructions said nothing about support for Windows PC. Being ever so brave and one step on the cutting edge, I unwrapped that bad lad and plugged it into the USB port...a few seconds later (an enternity really especially because I am risking making a mistake on a tight budget) I saw, "your device is now configured for your PC"...Suuuweeet!?!?

Ummm, Well...not so fast...now I need to write some code to make sure I can actually interface with it or I'll be ordering an OEM from Amazon like I should have to begin with.

To be continued...

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@yckx - Just finished testing it....works great using Xinput. I was able to cycle through each button no problem :cool:

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Coolness. I guess I'll have to acquire a controller.

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