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Passing input events

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Today I finished up the basic windowing code. The window procedure is contained in a window manager, which also handles registering the class and creating the window.

I also did some research into the definition of RAII to try and work out what I should be calling a particular technique I have been using. I'm still not entirely sure if the technique I am using is valid RAII, but I did find a rather good explanation of what RAII is. You can find the article over at The RAII Programming Idiom.

I am currently working out how I am going to pass user input events to the game state. I think I might revisit the idea of a "systems layer", since I could easily give the input gathering systems a pointer to the current game state pointer. Without using a systems layer, I would need to pass the pointer to the initialization state, which feels a bit awkward. I am planning on using a pointer to a pointer because the game state could change, thus changing the pointer.

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