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Motivation and follow up

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Okay, I admit this project of mine is going pretty slow. I am glad when it is not at an all full halt. Just a small thing that get finished almost always get me motivated. Though sometimes it can be hard to continue even then.

The original idea
When this happens I try to go back to the time when I started up the project and remember why I began in the first place. Was it a great idea that I felt like I had to finish. I try to focus on that. What did I like about it? Has that changed? If it has changed (that hasn't happened yet) then I guess I should let it go.

If I still find it interesting I talk myself through that if I quit now I will regret it and go back to the project later. This would be a bad idea since I'm not a big fan of going though old project's code.

What gets me unmotivated is often a part of a project that is tedious or that I am stuck at a certain point. In these cases I generally go for simplifying; do I really need this totally amazing AI for the game, did I think of it in the original idea? Probably not, a game can be lots of fun with stupid enemies to. This might look like surrendering to some and... it sure is. I usually take a bigger chunk than I can chew in regards to project scale and complexity. For the sake of completing something this is a must when it comes to indie game development (at least in my experience).

Doing something else

When all the steps have been taken to keep you motivated and you are still not feeling up to it I try to shift my focus to another part of game development. I really like doing graphics and design or write on that story. Every game needs some sort of sound or music, does it not? When working on another part it can help me realize ideas that can be used in the game mechanics. Even journal writing can be a good thing ;-)

Well, that's just a bunch of my rambling on motivation. You might feel the opposite on some things. I know some people use lists to keep track of things that needs to be done, I like this idea too but have yet to start use it.

The actual project
So where does Medieval Story stand? Well, I am not planning quitting on it so that's all safe. I have taken some of the criticism regarding the logotype in the previous post and done a re-wrap. The current logo is not yet finished but you get the idea:
I like how the different elements of the logo unite to form a shape/cluster. I will add more grit to the final logo, like scratches and rust.

I have also been working on the controls of the game. The player can choose to use the keyboard to guide the player or by using the mouse. The later is more of a casual experience while the keyboard method gives a more direct control of the character. Some actions still needs the keyboard, such as jumping and force running. The mouse point and click control scheme is quite similar to the one found in Diablo 1&2.

Thanks for reading!
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