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Hooray for Color!

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I always seem to spot a few post on motivation and enjoy reading what other developers attempt to do in order to rekindle that fire that got them started in the first place. Well I'll share with you what I do during those moments when motivation seems 100 miles away.

Over the years of hacking away at tech demos, half completed games and retread projects, I have come to learn something about myself. I discovered that my motivation is born out of hyper artistic visualization (I just made that up to sound cool). Now of course without a vision, how are most of us even attempting to pull of the projects we set out to tackle? Without some sort of visual impact on the conscious part of the brain that influences creativity, we would just end up pulling something out of our fifth contact point. blink.gif

So, when things get tough and you find your self fading or you have been starring at compiler errors for days, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees with your own project. The remedy? .....OPEN PHOTOSHOP! :cool: (or something similar)

Now I get it, most programmers are not artistic (programmers art) I know this....but come on now. don't sit there and tell me you cannot mock up a menu screen, start up screen, some power ups, game levels etc. Even if its just preliminary, seeing a realized version of your own thoughts or ideas in living pixels during a lull in development could be that spark you need.

I find that I when I start "putting the vision together artistically" and have those images called from code..it's like hey "I have one-quarter of a game here" lol..trust me it works. Sometimes we need more than just debug message boxes or log files to validate progress where motivation is concerned. And if you are like me (who would not want to be) you will fall in love with the stuff you do in Photoshop to the point you gotta see it fully developed.

Anyway...that is just a rant...not sure if its applicable to anyone but if you are struggling with motivation...start painting pixels..can't hurt!

[size="4"](P60) Update - I just started to develop some screens for the game and will work on the first level today as well. My biggest hold up is the main character and minions. I seriously have a mind block here (DAMN'T). I have to remember that I'm not developing Sonic or Earthworm Jim obviously....yeesh.
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That is exactly what I do to spur my own flagging motivation. If I haven't worked on GC in awhile, I will pull out Blender and start on a new monster or create some new landscape tiles. Then, of course, I have to see what they look like in game. Which of course means that while I'm staring at the codebase and the scripts, I'll see something that pertains to my TODO list, so I'll fix it. And before you know it, I'm working on the game again.

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[b]@JTippetts[/b] - It is almost like an actual currency that can be spent on development. The time spent developing something in CG (ps, flash, 3d, etc) pays dividends when you go back to your code base. Gotta love it!

BTW..."Your [b]Graphics on the cheap[/b]" was stellar man, nice post(s)...Blender is such a "cult" like tool lol...only people who really want to know how to use it can use it because it is so unorthodoxed compared to Maya, Max, etc...but it so friggin powerful. I just gotta find time to sit down and really put some cycles against in order to reap the benefits of a less stressed bank account!

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Thanks man.

Blender is getting pretty cool. Once upon a time, I wished that I was able to afford the big stuff, but I don't anymore. Even if I had the money to spend on such things, I still would stick with Blender.

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Nice mock-ups man very tight. And I get what your talking about trying to get stuff done.

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