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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Welcome to the month of June fellow game devvers! Here's what went down as the months transitioned over the period of 5/27 - 6/3.

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Journal Entry

Rendering Systems - RSI shares the source to one of his MFC controls for anyone to use in their projects. He also shows of Woody's root system. I love games where you can topple trees with guns and missiles - imagine one where the tree topples based on how deep a root system it has, and when it does all those roots fly up with it

Featured Member Journal Entry

r1ckparker's Journal - r1ckparker has a video demonstrating the A* pathfinding he's implemented based on the article he links to for reference, although he calls his version "A+" since his characters don't move along diagonals.

Check out the latest journals from Mike.Popoloskilogo+%20bullet.png and xaviarrob!

Welcome back, mixmasterlogo+%20bullet.png!

From the Staff

  • GameDev.net Staff Journal - I post about the partnership we're working on with design3, a website that offers high-quality training videos on a variety of game development topics. Now that we can finally embed videos into articles, it's great to be able to move this partnership forward, along with several other to-be-announced websites over the coming months
    Project Updates

    • kiwibonga's Blog logo+%20bullet.png - kiwibonga is wondering whether seeking funding for his game TunnelJumper, which he wants to expand upon after creating the game for the latest GDNet unofficial game dev challenge, is actually a good idea or not. If anyone has had previous funding experience or suggestions on funding/bootstrapping drop by and leave a comment!
    • smo97's Journal - smo97 has some new screens of his mobile platform rougelike's tile map editor and the game running on the Airplay emulator, albeit with some issues getting set up that he talks about
    • Idiot's dive into game developing - affinity worked out some issues setting up a basic chat using SmartFoxServer but got stuck trying to load the config/connect to the server and is still trying to work things out. Anyone with SFS experience to check the code he posted?
    • OddGames development journal logo+%20bullet.png - O-san updates on what's been going on with his latest project Medieval Story and shares some thoughts on how he likes to regain a bit of motivation when he's getting worn down on a project
    • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ reassures everyone that although he's moved across the country and is working at a new game studio, he hasn't given up working on his programming language Epoch
    • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph - Jason Z talks about the new parameter management system for the Hieroglyph 3 engine, how it replaces the old one and why it performs so much better as well
    • Rendering Systems logo+%20bullet.png - RSI shows what mesh leaves and billboard leaves looks like and decides that support for billboard leaves will remain although preference will be given to mesh leaves
    • Promit's Ventspace - congrats to Promit and his team for the release of their game Slug Bugs!
      Game Dev Stuffs

      • New Old Things - Endurion moves on to step 7 of his C64 game-making journey where he adds some physics into the mix to allow the character to jump around... jump around...
      • Keeping up with yesterday logo+%20bullet.png - a_insomniac shares what he likes do do when feeling demotivated on a project, and that's getting away from the bleak landscape of text and debug windows and opening up Photoshop to work on visual elements of the game instead
      • IfThen Software LLC - while he can't say what for, InvisibleMan was researching airplanes controls for a test project and shares a few resources he found helpful
      • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph - Jason Z has some commentary on the latest Windows 8 announcements and what he thinks Microsoft has planned for the tablet marketplace with its new Windows version
      • D Bits logo+%20bullet.png - Aldacron talks about operator overloading in D, where unlike C++ you overload by purpose, not symbol.
        Other Stuffs

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