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Here a pixel there a pixel...

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My main goal for the weekend is to get the only level for P60 in the can by at least 90%. The toughest part thus far has been coming up with the artwork for the game. In any other situation I would have made everything in 3D instead of drawing, scanning, pixeling etc...why? Well because I suck so bad a pixel art it's not even funny and animating in 3D is soooo much easier.

BTW, if there are any pixel artist purist out here, please hide your eyes and keep moving...nothing to see but jaggies and any other no no's done be neophyte pixelers aka me dry.gif

Piggy backing on my post from yesterday, I am now starting to get the fever and all I want to do is code; feels good when there is a visual glimpse of what you are working towards. By the time I mock up the levels, hud and some other miscellaneous pieces, I'll code straight to the finish line. (Well it least it sounds good).

Below are a few of the characters and some game blocks I came up with for P60 yesterday while watching SHAQ's retirement announcement. I just sat on the couch with a sketch pad and scribbled until something decent appeared. Still outstanding is the fact I have failed to sack even an inkling of an idea as to what the main character will be; this is truly vexing my spirit.

**The smaller of the three variations will be the actual in game size. (sorry for being captain obvious) huh.gif
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I think they look really good. Look like buggers to animate though.

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You should try starting at that smaller resolution and redrawing them. I've never done pixel art, but I know you can't just scale stuff down and have it look good. For example, in the small versions you can't see the black lines at all. Plus, by starting at the native resolution you would have less detail to put in, and it would certainly be easier to animate.

Although, it strikes me that these characters might look better as vector art. Have you tried Inkscape? You could probably trace these with Inkscape in a half hour or so. And that would allow you to easily rasterize them at whatever resolution you want.

Sorry if I sound over-critical. Just trying to be constructive. [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif[/img]

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