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Getting started.

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="4"]Hi,

I'm going to make a game for fun. Makes sense eh? Why else would you want to make a game for anyways?
So this game is going to be a side scrolling action game. Why? Because that is small and simple enough for me to manage at this point; but has enough room to play with ideas to keep it fresh. It also keeps publishing methods rather open at this point. So when I'm done it can be a PC game, a mobile device game or a webpage game.[/font]

[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="4"]So that's about all I got right now. This journal was a spur of the moment thing.[/font][size="4"] [font="Comic Sans MS"] I think in the future I'll try to post once a week to talk about ideas and development over the past week as a kind of recap of my progress, it will also give me time to make more well thought out posts also.[/font]
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Awesome! Sounds like you're using Unity if you're talking about multiple publishing methods. If so, good choice! Welcome to Journal Land.

Also. Comic Sans. [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif[/img]

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