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This Way Up!

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So I have been working on a game for the last few months called This Way Up!

The description of the game is at www.theactionfriends.com and it says:

TWU is a 2D (What? it's actually 3D) side scrolling platformer with an emphasis on speed and quick reflexes. Keith the robot (Main Character) has a couple of abilities up his robo-sleeve to navigate the environment.

Basically you use space to flip gravity and 'x' to put Keith in a time stasis field that slows only him down to get past obstacles as you slowly move faster through a level.

Aside from that 2D mistake that is essentially the game. Anywho it's being made in Unity3D which I have used before this project, although I feel so restricted with it. You have to disable physics features for things to work how you want, so lame. Also if the project is poorly managed you will get so many duplicate assets it isn't even funny.

Here are some Alpha screen-shots:


For my Flash Engine I have been working on a set editor which will make it easy for someone to create animations and sprite sheets of pieces for use with a Component Game Visual! During this I realised how lame the GUI stuff for Flash is, so I wrote a GUI Manager and have so far made an input box with a label and helper functions. Still a few bugs with an automatic label (That positions itself), like it doesn't calculate the correct distance away from the input box it should be, however that's an easy fix. Then I'll add buttons, scrolling canvas (Sprite with scroll bar), list box and check box.

The first reason I made this was so I removed a lot of code duplication in creating lots of text fields. I replaced ~50 lines of the same code into 4. The second was I wanted to make a map editor as well as the set editor and a GUI manager will make that 10x easier. So when the set editor is done I'll finish making two alpha character sets that a player can mix and match from and allow them to enter the lobby for creating games \ joining games or editing abilities their character has.

I have also worked on a normal tile map and cleaning up the isometric tile map class so that it just extends from tile map, this way a game world class can have any kind of map it wants as long as it can convert from screen to world and tell you if a tile is blocked :D.

Oh and as a simple test of Cirrus I am going to make the map editor able to be collaborated with peers, should be good.

Here is a screenshot of the current set editor, at the moment it is just a simple animation frame editor. Need to work on the UI so that everything that I want will fit!

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