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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 6/3 - 6/10.

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Journal Entry

Journal of Aardvajk - Aardvajk details his Undo/Redo system for his project's editor. This system is something I always find interesting since people end up doing in various different ways, although the concept of course stays the same.

Featured Member Journal Entry

StarDust DevLog - KaRei talks about star generation in Stardust, which has been updated from random start types to creating specific classes of stars matching the astronomical types (dwards, giants, supergiants, etc) and classes (G, F, O, etc) of real stars. He then has a video of a planet orbiting a dwarf star and goes into detail on how Stardust generates the stars

Check out the latest journals from Rodimus, MeowMeow, and A n00b programmer!

From the Staff

  • GameDev.net Staff Journal - Invision, the company the creates the software we now run the site on, is approaching the release of their new v3.2 platform. This minor point release comes with a lot of changes across the entire Invision Power Suite of apps that we use here on the site. Tech lead Mike Tanczos has an overview of what we're looking forward to in the new release - check out the full feature list and the public preview and let us know what you think!
    Project Updates

    • Keeping up with yesterday logo+%20bullet.png - a_insomniac has some character sketches turned pixel art for project 60 as he continues to struggle to define his main character. The composite image shows off the best pixel art technique of sketch, scan, trace.
    • owl's Blog - owl has a new video showing off a new tile site and 2 levels being loaded in his game with his character running and jumping around. Also some image updates.
    • Out Of The Ashes - Burnt_Fyr pops up to say hello and share some information on the engine he's working on, which is also powering his project - a curling game. Got any advice on curling physics? He's also looking for anyone with information on who actually owns position/transform data.
    • Disciple of Otanoj - CRYP7IK has updates on the progress of his Flash engine and also an alpha shot of the Unity project he is working on, a "3D side scrolling platformer with an emphasis on speed and quick reflexes" called This Way Up
    • MyiOSRoguelike.c - smo97 has some updates on his mobile roguelike, including a fix to the Airplay emulator performance by increasing the GL buffer size, and some resources he found when researching pixel art, including a website with a library of free rouguelike art
    • Digital adventures through the third dimension logo+%20bullet.png - shadowisadog decides to work on an HTML5 game, venturing out into the still-nascent landscape of the Canvas tag and all it entails. He gives an overview of his research into HTML5 dev and what he has planned for this project, plus a WIP screenshot and some example code
      Game Dev Stuffs

      • Web by Day, Games by Night - having forums for your game's website is always a good idea to help grow a community around your game. There are several options out there for forum software that you can choose, and zerotri has some reasons for not picking vBulletin
      • Rock, Paper, Glue - zarfius lists the pros and cons for using an SQLite database to store program data versus XML serialization and discusses the reason behind his decision to transition his project from the former over to the latter to make it easier to convert any data as he updates the project in the future. He's also wondering if anyone else out there has an opinion on one or the other storage technique.
      • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts is rather fed up with how difficult it can be to bind to various third party libraries, and shares some adventures in binding he's had getting Lua to play nice with SFML, Horde3D and GLFW, which have tripped him up in exposing STL bits, exposing raw void pointers and using callbacks, respectively.
      • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts has some new procedurally-generated goodness in the form of voxelized trees, aiming to generate some gnarly-looking bonsai-like flora. What he currently has would be good fodder for a Halloween game...
      • IfThen Software LLC - highlights of InvisibleMan's various posts this past week include notes on using Direct3D9 FFP Lighting, the two ways to render a skybox, and a list of resources for learning physics simulation from Chris Hecker.
      • New Old Things - Step 8 of Endurion's ongoing C64 project details adding enemies to the game to challenge the player
      • Just Glad to Be Here logo+%20bullet.png - rmadsen follows up on his previous Indie by Default post with why this is a great time to be an indie developer and how you should focus your energies to achieve the best result in this unique field of game development that is at the same time extremely broad and generic in its definition these days.
      • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ throws on his flame-proof underwear and goes full out on the oft-controversial topic plainly stated as: Why You Shouldn't Be Making an MMO. After you're done wading through the fire and brimstone in the comments (which is actually full of thoughtful responses) be sure to check out ApochPi's dedicated response entry.
        Other Stuffs

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