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The Anatomy Of A 2D Platform Level

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If you came here looking for an educated breakdown of how to create a 2D platform level then let me apologize now because you wont find it here. Yet this is where I find myself. How could something that looks so easy be so complex?

I have to admit that I figured creating one platform level Ala Mario/EWJ would be fairly easy but truthful it has been a task. After studying some levels it appears to me that you have to design your levels around already predefined goals and objectives thus flying by the seat of your pants (kamikaze style development) does not work.

So what lessons have I learned? The easiest thing in Game Development is coming up with a company name (inside joke) lol....
Seriously, even a simple tech demo can end up kicking you in the a$$ on what one might consider the most trivial of things.

Now my dilemma was how did I want to go about rendering the map, tile engine or scrolling bitmaps? Considering how I designed my map and trying to keep the memory footprint low I'm definitely going with the tile engine.

Below is a screen shot of level one for this project.

Level 1 Details:

Map size 2560 x 960
Game Window (Green Square) 640 x 480|
*Red arrows are not a part of the level they just indicate game flow

( Based on the map size the player should go through a total of 8 screens )

All that is left is to strategically place some game items, baddies and moving obstacles on the map. Yep, lots left to do....:huh:

By the way...I know that my level design sucks :P
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