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Tissue and Cough Drops

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I kept waking up groggy and annoyed. Almost like clock work, happening every 20 minutes or so. throw the covers aside and bear the bite of coldness. Wipe my eyes and try to make it to the bathroom without knocking the guitar over again. Probably three times already, The loud twang of it getting further out of tune. Atleast I didn't put my foot through it, like the last one.

Draining, constantly, having to blow my nose this often is getting frustrating. At this point, I'm wandering If I even want to try to go to sleep again. With my tissue in hand I let things go. Feel like I must of filled it up this time. But the odd disappointment happens again. As I look down all that there is half a cough drop. Perplexed, I'm off to bed, only to repeat this in twenty minutes.

When I finally did awake, It was merely two in the morning, and I still can't get that image out of my head. Starring at a yellow cough drop split in half. Seems like ever since the sun reach up here in the north. I've been having the hardest time sleeping through a whole nite. I'm plagued by weird dreams that keep me up.

[size="3"]Kylar's adventure

not much been going on with Kylar's adventure, atleast nothing spectacular. I'll post, some concept art I've been working on, by Saturday. I think I've flush out a decent draft, it'll take the player through 8-10 levels. I'm hoping to get a full list of art assets that will be needed for the game, give or take 10%.


[size="3"]Atom Game Concept

[size="3"]I forget what got me thinking about this again, but I started thinking about this old concept I had. Though I could never think of how it would be exciting and not turn into repetitive moves just to win.


Above is a super simple version of an atom. The idea of the game is a box full of electrons. You can manipulate these electrons to form atoms, and chemical reactions. Which would be used to take over territory or destroy the other players electrons. The idea is that an atom has four slots, each can have 0-2 electrons occupying them. Every atom/element has a pattern. Take the two patterns in the picture above. The left and right could be considered to type of elements, sodium and nitrate. When these elements are generated, they will always start with the same pattern.

The open slots, can be filled with other electrons though. if a single electron fills a slot and the element is no longer in it's own pattern, that electron is considered volatile. These will damage the atom, which might cause the atom to react based on what element it is. But if, the new pattern matches another element it could change into that element. So more and bigger elements can slowly upgrade to bigger and more useful types.

Atoms can be combine, like show in the bottom 2 pictures, notice that the slots fill up when put together, if the two side aren't a perfect match, then it won't combine.

I just keep picturing playing it in my head, and it's always seems like it would really fun. Though I think once you learned the best combos, you'd just spam those over and over again. So I'm trying to think of different ways to judge whose winning, or changes the way effects work. Maybe make them over time, so it's like a rock paper scissors thing. One player use's a gas element to fill an area with an flammable gas. You have the chance to use a counter element or focus else were. Or the opponent can use a fire reactive element to ignite the gas and damage you.

Maybe make every thing take two elements, So there is always a setup and a trigger. Exceptions, would need to be low damage trigger. Like a spark.

Well it's still a concept... maybe I'll try it again after this project is done.

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